who will make fun of me now?

well here it is, i didn't know i would do this today, but i did... i got a blog, and here it is... let the insults begin from all these so called friends.


  1. Anonymous12:31

    Since you asked, I will make fun of you, even though I have no idea who or where you are.

  2. There will be no insults from me!!!
    Welcome to blogging! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I love the Bible verse you have chosen. It is filled with very good stuff!

    Big hugs...and a big welcome!

    Miz Booshay

  3. Did my first comment get lost?

    If so....

    Welcome, Melinda, to blogging!

    I love the Bible Verse you chose!

    Miz Booshay

  4. Thank You Mrs. Boucher, i do not know if i will be as good at this as you are, or if the habit will even stick.


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