asher is a lot like his mama.  we like schedules, we like plans, we like normal.

when something hits out of the ordinary he gets tired and crabby and sad and sometimes sick.

when his birthday hit friday, he got sick.

the show must go on, with his yaya and gwampa and aunties coming in for his big day, and my family coming over the next day for a birthday dinner... the show had to go on.

i was tired, asher was feverish, and our schedules and norms were turned upside down.

but saturday was perfect.  he was feeling better, and had the day to spend with his aunties while mama cooked and prepped.  he loved his watermelon cake (looks like not tastes like).  he loved being sang to, and tried to take a bite out of the cake while we sang.  he got lots of cars and legos and things that go. and lots of hugs and cuddles from family.

as per usual, i didn't snap a single picture... but you can head on over to my mother in law's blog for a couple of pictures of asher's 2nd birthday.

yesterday as our guests returned home and life returned to normal, the whirlwind that was this weekend left a trail of demolition.  asher slept for hours, in fact he slept right through lunch.  and i got sick with, after talking to the dr, what i believe to be some gallbladder issues.  i moaned and whimpered and asher played quietly the rest of the afternoon.

at bedtime asher went searching for yaya around the house, and concluded she must be at work. we explained to him that she went back to wisconsin.  with all the upheaval and stray from our norm, we loved having them here.  asher loves his family very very much.

and this morning i still didn't feel well, and asher screamed bloody murder when i dropped him off at daycare.  perhaps our norm has not returned yet, but it will... and this aftermath was worth the moments spent with family and the precious memories made.    


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