"asher, how old are you?"

"two" he answers, in almost a whisper, not yet mastering how to hold his 2 fingers up, instead all fingers clumsly face outward in a claw. 

asher max is 2 today.  we are going to celebrate after work by grocery shopping!  yay asher! congrats you made it another year!  but we have to feed you, and today was pay day, so to the grocery store we go... 

sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes like a lifetime ago, but it is a day i will always remember, a day forever engrained in my mind.  i wrote about it here, here, and here

and last year i reflected on our first year, and the love i have for him here.

this year, i can't help but think how fast this all has gone, how my baby boy is not a baby any longer.  and those memories of him as a tiny little one, are starting to fade already.  it breaks my heart.  how can i fill my head and heart with every aspect of each day that is special and different... i know i can't, but how will i always remember who he was then and who he will be all the many years from now.

when asher turned two...

he was so silly,

and loved turning around and around and around in circles.

he had been in a serious Cars kick, and had watched the movie aproxomitely 542 times. 

he went to bed with 3 paci's, pooh, finn, mcqueen, and no blanket.

he loved his daddy the most,

but always wanted mama to dry him off after his bath, and rock him like a baby while he sang "bay-be assher" over and over again.

he hated being guided, and refused to hold our hand.

he fake laughed whenever he did something funny, throwing his head way back, scrunching up his nose, and ha ha ha-ing.

i gave him a really bad haricut 2 days before his birthday, making him look kind of bald headed.

he loved mumford and sons, and sang along to all the songs.

he liked it when daddy turned on records, and asked for "rock-roollll"

he woke up way too early, nearly every single day.

he could, and did, eat an entire can of spaghetti-o's.

he loved to help vacuum, sweep, and rake.

he tried to play golf with daddy on the xbox.

he loved to hit his little golf clubs left handed.

he was so sweet with tiny babies, it kind of made me want to have another one.

he liked mickey, thomas, wild kratz, and curious george.

little blue truck and little blue truck leads the way were his favorite books to read.

he had nearly memorized his little curious george book.

he loved chasing after dogs and cats.

the gorillas were his favorite animal at the zoo.

the slide was his favorite thing to do at the park,

and he loved being outside.

daddy took him to the airshow.

he went to his first concert.

he asked for "milky" every 12 minutes.

he was sweet

and tender

and loved giving hugs and kisses.

he was kind of shy.

and got sick whenever we traveled.

his voice was loud.

he loved to pray at bedtime, and sometimes asked for "more pray"

he loved to sing and dance.

he was goofy and silly and crazy and sometimes naughty.

and he was practically perfect in each and every way.

picture by donna boucher

happy birthday sweet asher max.  i love you more than you know.


  1. 2 years ... Time passes so quickly !
    He is SO cute, so handsome !! Melinda Sue, I'm sure for you he's the most handsome. But I can tell you that this is what he really is.
    Happy birthday, baby asher, I'm sure you're surrounded by a lot of people who love you so much.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Asher! What a beautiful post, Melinda. I especially loved his list and the way your love for him pours out with every word. What a little blessing! Hope you and your family are doing well. :)

  3. gina15:25

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday sweet Asher! Happy Birthday to you!

    And congrats mommy!

  4. most adorable two-year old ever. you two made a good one!

  5. Just to say that I LOVED your watermelon cake !!!
    So funny and beautiful !
    And Asher is really cute with his new haircut ;)

  6. thank you everyone!

    my baking is not very good. i need much more practice. these things always look better in my head than the finished product actually looks.


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