dear old navy...

dear old navy/gap inc,

you make the best baby socks in the world.  seriously.  no contest.  your Old Navy ankle socks (sold in 4 packs) are the king of all kids socks.  they are low enough to not cover half of a baby or toddlers short little legs, but no so low that they do not provide shoe comfort.  they have the perfect non skid lettering on the bottom, and never pill or wear thin like more expensive socks i have bought do.  they are bright white, and remai so wash after wash.  they are soft and stretchy and perfection.  in fact i wash them every 4 days so that my sweet son can wear the 4 pairs he has over and over.  because... the thing is.  you must not have realized that you have the best socks in the world, because i don't think your production is keeping up with your demand.  i normally stop by once a week to see if you have them in my son's size. the answer, in case you were curious, is always no.  and then i take time out of my super busy life, as a full time working full time student wife and mommy, to drive to old navy to buy them.  and you will never guess... you never have his size.  if you had these socks in stock, chances are i would have bought a hundred pairs by now, because i don't really like doing laundry every 4 days.  and planet earth doesn't really like me doing laundry every 4 days.  but you never have them, so i never buy them and instead waste my time driving around town trying to find them.  and my sons feet are growing, and soon he will be out of this size, and you know what?  you never have the bigger size in stock either; online or in store.  please gap inc, do me a favor and up the ante on the production of these socks will you?  it would make this mama a very happy girl.  and if you want to come up with some sort of communication method to let me know when you have some in a 12-24 month or 2t/3t in stock i would sing with glee.   

melinda sue boucher            


  1. I can't stand stores that never have enough stock!

  2. i haven't found socks yet that fit brandon correctly. i'll check out old navy (but i'm guessing they'll be out of stock anyway).

  3. holly,

    keep trying, they really are the best. i tried to buy brandon some. 3 times. they didn't have them in store (ps i think they do have them online now in 0-6m)

  4. follow-up. they either listened to me, or i wrote this the day before they restocked... because all sizes are available online now.

  5. old navy, thank you for putting them in stock online 3 days after i placed an order, so now i will to pay shipping again. yours respectfully, melinda sue


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