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Thanksgiving Day Blues
Norman Rockwell
November 28, 1942  Saturday Evening Post Cover

this is what i would look like if i had to make thanksgiving dinner, only my face wouldn't be quite so jovial.  and i would probably be screaming obscenities.   

this day i am thankful for lovely inlaws who will allow us to invade their home, turn it upside down, and cook for us while we are there.

Basting the Turkey, c.1936 Art Print
Basting the Turkey
Joseph Christian Leyendecker

i love this picture.  look at this sweet little boy waiting by his mama, watching the turkey bake.  asher always likes to stay close to me while i cook.  and he loves to wait by the oven (mostly because i think he likes the adorable baby looking back at him)

this day i am thankful for my own sweet boy who challenges me and blesses me every single day. 

To Greet You on Thanksgiving Day, Indian Maiden Giclee Print

i am thankful for my family, and the wonderfully strong women that i am surrounded by, and encouraged through that are found there. 

this day i am thankful for getting to spend 2 days with my sweet cousin jennifer, and her two beautiful girls before the stomach flu robbed me of my last day with her.  i love you jen, i am so proud of who you have become.

Mayflower and Rowboat Giclee Print

i am thankful for this life.  the chance to live another day.  to live in a country far more blessed than most.  i am thankful for a day where i will be allowed to sit around a table with the ones i love in front of a bountiful feast and visit and laugh and love and give thanks.  i am thankful that i live where i can worship, praise, be thankful, to a God who knows and understands my heart. 

i am thankful for every day past.  i am thankful for this day.  i am thankful there will another. 

on this day, i am thankful.  on this day i give praise.


  1. gina08:43

    your blog readers are thankful to you too!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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