my grandma lives in michigan in the same town she has lived in her whole life.  she has lived in the same house for over 50 years. 

the upstairs of her house is filled with gems and family heirlooms.  she has begun going through some of the hidden treasures upstairs that have not been seen for years and years.  among them, she found this... her baby chair. 
and chose to give it to asher.  at first he wasn't so sure, he couldn't figure out how to crawl into it.  then he figured out how to stand on it and create his own amusement park ride rocking ti back and forth.  it had to be moved to the hallway, to the other side of the baby gate for a little while.  but now... he figured out how to get in and out of it, and he loves sitting in it and watching tv or playing.  i love that we have this little treasure of family history in our home.

the asher boy loves to be outside.  he would rather be outside than anywhere else.  when he frees himself from the confines of the baby-gated rooms, he goes and stands at the garage door gently tapping on it saying "go go go go go go." this is one of the only words he mumbles that you can understand.  the boy wants to go outside.

one reason we chose this house is because it is so close to the lake.  a quick walk down the hill and through the shaded walkway and we get to this playground.  a few steps more, and we are at the lake.  it really is a bummer they have drained the lake to try to get the zebra mussels under control and our lake has been near empty for the last 8 months... next spring it should be full and zebra mussel free.

asher loves to swing. he swings and swings and swings. and when you try to get him out to try a slide or to play in the sand. he screams and screams and walks straight back toward the swing.

   i love to be there with my family. 
by the looks of it, matthew does too.  he doesn't often smile this big, and never for a picture.
it's really too bad you can't just have a photographer follow you around in your everyday life.  but i can take a mean self portrait.

and then halloween came...

asher was a moo-cow. 
and the cutest little one you ever did see...

we trick or treated with darth vader.  and practiced sharing our toys.  neither was accomplished with out tears and screams.  we were so happy to have becky and paul and isaiah there to play with us.  thanks for trick or treating with us guys!

life continues, and i just wanted to share a few pictures of our life with you.

if you think about it... today... will you say a prayer for me.  a lot going on.  prayer is always needed, and felt across the miles.


  1. my great-aunt (my grandma marilyn's sister) gave me my great-grandma's old washboard when ramona was born. she told me the story of how hard their mother worked washing clothes for the wealthy for her daughters to be able to have a good ife (they had emigrated from sweden). she gave me the washboard to be reminded of that legacy, of which ramona marilyn is now a part of.

    i love family heirlooms.

  2. Gina17:24

    Praying....you are all gorgeous!

  3. gogogogogogo!!
    Love it.
    Matthew played outside ALL THE TIME!

    I am praying.
    I love you guys!!

  4. You are seriously one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen!

    I can't believe how big Asher is getting...and so flipping cute!

    Matthew---you're not too shabby either! ;) (You can't call another woman's husband "hot" on their blog, can you?)

  5. Cutest moo cow ever! What a cool kiddo! LOVE your hair by the way...it's shorter, right? Looks awesome. You are so pretty!

  6. April14:16

    I've read you (quietly) for quite awhile (since you were pregnant with Asher. I found you through Donna. I haven't read any of your posts in a long time and today (being a boring day where baby is actually sleeping!) I'm reading backwards through your blog and I get here. And realize...I must live EXTREMELY close to you. I live across the street from the lake as well. We frequent that playground all the time. We live in Oakbrook Meadows just across 156th St. How unbelievably small this world is.
    I'm still in awe!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. april, too funny. we are in lakeview heights. 1/2 mile walk to the park.


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