give me a break...

today i ate a kit-kat.  a mini kit-kat, okay fine... i ate 2 mini kit-kats, maybe 3.  and i was reminded of when i was a little girl. 

my entire life my dad had a secret stash of candy and goodies that he hid somewhere in the kitchen.  in fact, he still does.  he's got a sweet tooth.  i remember there being kit-kats hidden there in abundance.  when i was allowed to choose my own special treat, i always wanted a kit-kat and a mountain dew.  not because they were so delicious i couldn't help myself... but because that is what my daddy liked.  today i mostly hate mountain dew, and i enjoy a kit-kat as much as i enjoy most cohocoalte, moderately. (not to be confused with how i enjoy my mom's homemade double fudge brownies.  i would die for those.  other chocolate... is just okay)  back then, i just wanted what my daddy wanted. 

i wanted to be a michigan fan, because my daddy was a michigan fan.  i wanted to help collect offering at church, and i wanted to play basketball.

kids want to be like their daddy.  they want to eat their veggies so they grow up big and strong like their daddy.  they want to marry their mommy, just like daddy did.  they even want to eat kit-kat's like their daddy.  and when that unexpected 4 letter word slips out of their mouth, really they were just repeating what they heard daddy say. 

for better or worse.  a father's place in the family is irreplaceable.  and most of the time kids do grow up to be like their daddy, at least a little bit.

so in a couple years when asher always chooses a reese's or doritos for his special snack, when he picks his nose, and when he ignores me asking him to do something by turning the music up; i will shoot darts from my eyes in the way of matthew.

and in a couple years, when asher tells me i look pretty when i get home from work even when i don't; when he does the dishes just because he knows i hate to; and when he tells me he loves me whe i don't deserve it; i will look at matthew with nothing but love and adoration.

in this case, i think the better outweighs the worse.  in my case, i will be so blessed to have kids who want to be just like their daddy.

and in those moments when they are flicking boogers across the room or saying something just to get a rise out of me... i will break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar (from my own hidden goodie stash in the kitchen), and give myself a break because that is just what my daddy would do.

and now to copy my dear friend emily, who copied from someone else, who i am sure copied from someone else (that's the way great blog ideas work, ya know)... i will start replying to comments from the previous posts here.  you all are too important, and have such ovely things to say, you deserve your own spot on my blog...

mom... thanks, you are a little partial though.
beth in the city... thank you so much.  you are too right, it is so easy to judge ourselves the harshest, and i will take all the encouragement i can get.
jen.. i love you so much, and miss you every day.  funny how we can remember to teach our children things that are hard for us.  you would die if you saw our pumpkins, i scoured the patch for the 2 tiniest perfect pumpkins.  they are little and perfectly shaped.
gina... you are always such an encouragement to me.  thank you.  believe me, i have a ton still to learn, i can paint a pretty good picture of myself. ;)
jep... you are a blessing.  to me, to emma, to donna.  thank you so much for your kind words, your encouragement, and your prayers (and all those lovely crock pot recipes) 
donna... so blessed.


  1. I always enjoy reading what you post; I don't always comment because I read in RSS on my phone. This is so true! Good thing you've got a good man to set an example for Asher.

  2. Sarah Anne20:15

    My girls are all about their Daddy - I love to watch it. :)

  3. Melissa,
    Sometimes I will go back and read in the baby journals that I so sporadically kept. One day I wrote in Graham's. "Oh my, I have come to realize that in your eyes, a boring day with your daddy is much better than a fun filled day with me... "
    As I look back, I am so grateful they had those amazing days together.
    It is such fun to watch your family!


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