funny what we...

it's funny what we remember.

it's funny what we don't.

last mondya was june the 6th.  the first time i wrote the date those days ago, do you know the thought that popped into my head... "oh.  it's jonathan schmidts birthday today." 

jonathan schmidt was my friend in elementary and middle school.  we played on the playground nearly everyday.  the first time i muttered a swear word, was in front jonathan schmidt.  he couldn't believe what came out of my mouth, he may have applauded or cheered.  after that, the words fell out easily. 

his birthday often coincided with the end of school.  so, after the last day of school we would head to his birthday party.  to his house, or to the alpine slide.  to the pool or to bowling.  the last day of shcool was double fun for us.

he made me laugh.  we had fun.  i loved his sweet mama.  she accompanied us on many field trips, and i would sit and chat with her on the bus.  when she picked him up from school, she would get a hug from me.

time marched on, and for us in different directions... he lives in new york now, and is in a band.  i live in omaha and rarely remember to shower.  i don't think of him often... but on this day, i remembered clearly, today is jonathan schmidts birthday.

lizzies parent's phone number will be forever engrained in my mind.

but i don't remember my mom getting a shot in her butt in front of us when we were little.

i can clearly remember my 7th grade science teacher giving us bathroom advice, "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."  i can also remember the groan of the students in class that day.

but i don't remember the addresses to houses i used to live in.

the day my brother was born.  clear as a whistle.

the day i got married... kind of a blur.

there are tiny details of people i hardly knew, that i can remember and describe with ease. 

there are moments that i can remember exactly how i felt, non descript, nothing moments. 

but sometimes there are stories people tell that i was apparently a part of, that i don't remember at all.  they are recalling the story, and all i can do is stare blankly, because in memory, it never happened.

memory is a fickle friend.

i am sure that on october 15th, jonathan schmidt will not wake up and think... oh today is melinda's birthday.

it's funny what we remember.

it's funny what we don't.


  1. I love this post and it is so true. It really got me thinking about what things stick in my mind; An exboyfriend's birthday often pops into my head, the first time I met my friend Mike in person (we became friends online), the day my bestfriend told me I was never her friend (it was 7th grade). I barely remember my dad being in the hospital for bypass. I remember being dunked in the pool by my dad when I was 3, he claims it never happened.

    It is strange isn't it, what we do and don't remember.

  2. How was Mumford and Sons?

    Not memorable?

  3. donna, it was great! i have a post coming. life is still going too fast to sit and complete it.

  4. Gina16:15

    Ahhh....I have one of those memories...Jan 22 rolls around and...oh! my unrequited high school crush who I LOOOOOOVED....that's his birthday. Met him 20 years later a couple of months ago. Still got butterflies...Ooops! not supposed to say that! I'm happily married :)
    Love this posting!

  5. Or, like me, you won't remember much at all...


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