nice is relative.

i would consider myself nice.  i smile at people as they walk by.  i try not to judge people too quickly.  i only make fun of people when i know they can't hear me.

ask the romanians that i served next to in orphanages and centers, they would say i was nice.  ask the kids i babysit, they would say i am nice.  ask the homeless that i have served hot meals to, they would say i am nice.

but what would the people who i pass everyday say?  what about the lady that sits behind me at work? what about the women in front of me in line with a coupon for every item she is buying?  what about that girl i used to be friends with, but we have drifted over the years?  what about the woman who was oogling the same dress as me on the rack, you know the only one left in our size?  what would the people i grew up with say?  what about my family?  what about my husband?  what about my child?

it is easy to be nice to those who you know need it.  it is easy to be nice to the person on the side of the street holding a cardboard sign, or the people standing in line for a free hot meal.  it is easy to be nice when you know you are expected to be.

but in everyday situations it is much harder to be the person that God calls you to be.  sure... i am nice when i am in ministering mode; it's easy to be nice when i know people are watching me.  it is easy to be nice to the people you know need it.  it is easy to be Christ to the people you know never see Him any other way.  i am really nice to people in need.  i am really nice to people when i know they need it.  but am i really nice?  i have unkind words to say about most people.  i have been known to judge people by their hairstyle, or the fact that they were socks with sandals.  i snap at my employees when they are not doing their job.  i glare at the members in my family when they say something that i think is wrong.  i laugh at people's misfortunes. (but who doesn't laugh at people falling or getting hit in the crotch, hence the success of america's funniest home videos.)  i gossip.  i occasionally talk about someone behind their back.  i get annoyed with people really easily.  i usually think i am smarter than most people.  i think i do my job hetter than most people. i get frustrated with people.  i make fun of people's facebook status's and laugh at people's ugly pictures.    

i judge.  i talk.  i whisper.  i shout.  there are plenty of people who would not say i am nice.

am i called to be nice?  i am called to be Christ.  and i think that if i was being Christ, i would be nice.  and if you took all of my actions, everyday... i don't think nice would be the right workd to describe me.

so, while i might appear nice.  while some people might call me a nice person, while some people have been touched by my actions.

i could definitely learn to be nicer.

nice is relative.


  1. My thought is that if you were "nice" all of the time and to everybody, you'd be a fake! It's impossible to be that perfect. So be happy you're not a fake:)Love you!

  2. As they say in the play "Into the Woods"

    Nice is different than good.

    I don't know if nice is in the bible.

    Aim for kind.
    The fruits of the spirit.

    I sing Psalm 51:10 to myself, Melinda.
    We sang it in church when I was young.

    Create in me a clean heart o God
    and renew a right spirit within me
    cast me not away from your pressence
    and take not the holy spirit from me
    restore unto me the joy of thy salvation
    and uphold me with thy free spirit.

    I bet you have a song you can sing to yourself.
    your voice is an unused gift!

  3. donna, to me kind and nice are the same thing... do you think they are used differently? perhaps i shoud have titled it "kind".

  4. I love this post. It makes me think about my own attitude and taking Christ with me where ever I go. As long as that's your goal, I think you're on the right track!

  5. nice is superfiicial

    kind comes from the heart.

    (that's just how I see it.)


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