10 days...

it has been 10 days since my last blog post, and i wish i had a good excuse. 

i have started back to work 25 hours a week.  3-6 everyday, all day monday and wednesday.  i am finding there is little time for anything else.

and it is hard.

i love being a mom.  i love being a wife.  this is my dream.  but it's hard.  in my dreams, it wasn't hard.

in the last 10 days asher has changed and grown.

he is beginning to grasp things between his chubby little fingers.  he is very strong.  ask my hair, it knows well.  he even tries to hold up his bottle while he eats.  it is so sweet, i want to stop feeding him and eat him up.

he has learned how to scream.  he screams when he's happy.  he screams when he's sad.  he screams when he is alone.  he screams when he is fighting sleep.  he has very powerful lungs, and a very loud voice.  this i think he gets from his mommy and his uncle patrick.  seriously, it is ear piercing.  it hurts my ear drum.  i fear the screams in years to come.

he loves to sit up.  he is what i like to call bobble bobby, but now that he knows he can hold his head up, he like to have it up.  he loves looking around. 

monday while i was at work, he had his first real laugh.  i walked int he door and matthew announced to me with all the joy and pride in the world.  "babe, he laughed.  he laughed out loud."  i missed it.  i was at stupid work.  i cried.  matthew tried to make me feel better, "i made it up, i was just kidding..."  the smirk on his face said it was a lie... and i knew it was.  i cried some more.  we have spent the last 4 days trying to make him laugh again.  i have yet to hear it.  matthew used the words "creepy old man"  and "cute" to describe it.  i think it will be angelic, i can not wait to hear it.

he smiles, he laughs(without noise), he smiles some more.  he is so happy.  happy and beautiful and fun.  we love him.  we think he loves us, and even if it is because he doesn't know any better, we love that he loves us.

he is getting so big.  i can hardly believe it.  my tiny baby boy...

is not so tiny anymore...

he is still my baby boy.  he is still as adorable and as sweet.  and i am still as blessed and as filled with joy as i was that first day.  


  1. oh that voice box is certainly from uncle Patrick.

    Asher is the cutest baby ever.

  2. our children are screwed.

  3. I can't to see him again!
    One week to go!
    His eyes still look blue....
    Is his hair a little lighter?

  4. donna,

    his eyes are definitely blue. as to if they will stay that color, is anyone's guess. his hair... is still hard to tell.

    a week from yesterday you will be holding him!

  5. Anonymous09:37

    I remember missing the first of my kids many milestones because I was at work....it is hard, but you'll survive.
    If you don't have one, ask for a FLIP video for Christmas. Best $100 ever! I've recorded numerous milestones of my nephew and sent them via FB to my niece in Swaziland. So easy to view and share the milestones, so that you don't miss them....

  6. What a great post, Minna! I am here to clarify that baby Asher gets his gift of projection from his momma and Uncle Jesse:)

  7. Anonymous05:51

    He'll laugh again.

  8. anonymous, your three word comment just made me cry. you are SO right!

  9. Karen F.19:10

    I remember my daughter Laura had colic and screamed from exactly 4:00 until 9:00 each and every night for almost 2 months straight..........I still have a twitch in my left eye and a nervous tick to this day because of it. (kidding) It's tough when they start that, I guess they find their "voice".

    Thank you for the lovely Card, we have it up on the refrigerator...........Asher is precious and so is that family picture, beautiful, just beautiful. Merry Christmas


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