questions continued...

new moms get asked a lot of questions, it seems everybody wants to know what is going on with your new life...

yesterday i wrote the most common question i get.  "are you tired?" 

and really i am not.  i was so tired and uncomfortable and a big bump on a log when i was pregnant, that i don't feel nearly as tired now as i did then.

i say i am half as tired and twice as hungry. 

i am starving.  all the time.  i could eat all day long.  when i was pregnant i didn't notice a hunge change in my appetite.  i craved sweets, which regularly i don't really care for.  but other than that, not a big change.  post pregnancy, current nursing... i could eat a flippin horse.  i want to eat steak everyday.  and chicken nuggets.  and great big leafy salads.  and pineapple.  and french fries.  and frappucinos.  and tuna.  and ramen noodles.  and jimmy johns sandwiches.  and... well, you get it.

i also am asked, "what is the hardest thing about being a new mom?"

giving him a bath.  hands down.  and leaving him to go to work.  everyone expects the answer to be middle of the night feedings, and sometimes that is annoying... but really, giving a baby a bath is hard. if i had 8 arms, it would be a little easier.

"are you nursing?"  followed by, "how are your nipples holding up?"

can you believe people ask this?  they do.  i am nursing.  he gets a bottle of formula a day, usually at night because it helps him sleep just a little longer.  the only time i hate it is in the middle of the night when he wakes up screaming, and i am in the middle of a good dream, or a deep REM cycle.  at that moment, i wish matthew had milk producing, hairless nipples, so he could feed him.  but he doesn't.  so i get up and feed him after whining for a second. 

my nipples are just fine and dandy, thank you for asking.

now that i am working, twice during my shift i drive to the church parking lot up the road, pull out my hooter hider and my battery operated breast bump, and pump away.  it's... interesting.

""how's matt doing with him?" 

great.  he loves him.  he is very helpful to both me and asher. 

"are your parents so excited?"

of course they are, have you ever met grandparents who aren't excited?  

and the most shocking question i get, "are you ready for another one?"

seriously?  you must be kidding me!  my uterus is still engorged, and i have staples in my guts that haven't dissolved yet.  i still haven't received all of my hospital bills.  no. we are not ready for another one.  and i don't think i will be for a long long long long long time.  i hated being pregnant, and that c-section really did me in.  in fact, i think next time we'll adopt.  many many years from now, we will adopt. 


  1. Anonymous18:05

    Melinda Sue, I remember being a first time mom and thinking: "people do this more than once!!!" However, three years later there we were pregnant again and this time without fertility drugs. = )

    And, the second time was: a walk in the park, a breeze, a day in the sunshine, it was FUN! So, maybe don't give up on being pregnant at least one more time, think of what you might miss! Having said all that, adoption is wonderful, too!

    Love and encouraging prayers,

  2. aunt janice20:49

    great to hear how things are going! you "sound" good, did you know that nursing takes more calories than that is why you are so hungry (and healing, too)

  3. MS - i gave ezra sponge baths until he was very old because babies and bath scare the heck out of me. i totally relate.

    they're just so... SLIPPERY.

    [and yes, he's my 4th child!]

  4. I felt the same way about pregnancy! But I'm pretty sure that God designed the female brain to not accurately remember the entire process, otherwise we'd never have more than one baby:)

    Are your parents excited? What kind of question is that??:)

    Love you sweet girl!


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