"paci ba ba..."

last weekend was a big weekend in the boucher house.  it was buddy's first trip to a restaurant.  and my first margarita in a long long long long time.  but that is besides the point...

while i was pregnant, matthew and i were busy wondering at my growing middle, and reading about natural labor, and driving to culvers for root beer floats.  i was also busy thinking alot about what kind of father matthew would be.  i knew he would be a great father.  we had been dreaming for years about a family, we always knew we wanted one, we talked about having a big one.  i knew he was going to be a great, and i couldn't wait to see him tackle his new role as dad.

but i wondered...

i wondered if he would be the dad who wanted to hold his son and never let go, or the dad who would admire him from afar.  i wondered if he would wrestle with asher on the floor, and take him out for a special father son ice cream cone.  i wondered how he would look at him, how he would hold him, how he would tell him "i love you".

the second he was born, i knew what kind of father matthew would be.  (i will get part 4 up sometime monday, and you will hear all about it)  i love watching matthew with asher.  i love watching him hold asher, and kiss his cheeks, and talk to him, and feed him a bottle, and change his diapers, and love him.  i love when he comes home from work and washes his hands first thing, so he can hold his son.  i love the most when he is leaving for work, and buddy and i are still sleeping, and he leans over his little basinett and kisses him goodbye.  i love to see the pride on his face when we introduce asher to people for the first time.  i love to see him smile and pose pictures with his family with toothy grins i have never seen on his face before.

watching matthew with our son is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.  it makes me more in love than ever.  it makes me thankful.  i know i am so blesses.  my cup overfloweth.  my heart floods with joy and blessings and gratitude.  it brings tears to my eyes.  and it makes me laugh.  really hard.  so hard i can't tell if the tears are from laughter or admiration.  because...   

because... matthew's baby talk sounds just like the swedish chef from the muppets.  i swear to you.

despite the whole swedish chef thing... asher still loves his daddy.

and matthew loves asher.

and that's all i have to say about that...


  1. So sweet! Asher is a gorgeous little guy and blessed to have such adoring parents.

  2. Sherrie Ann09:25

    What a sweet little guy that y'all have been so blessed with and he blessed with y'all.

    And I LOVE the swedish chef!!! We got a new dog last Summer to help us heal from the loss of our prior long time family member Sadie the dog. We named the new dog Morgan and discovered that if were saying her name at least 4 times in a row it sounded like the swedish chef.

    I think you and I have so much more in common that just me following your blog and totally relating to so many of your stories.

    Much love from South Texas =}

  3. sherrie ann... that is so funny about the name morgan. you are right, it does sound like the swedish chef!

    wishing i was in south texas! but sending love form omaha instead...

  4. Anonymous14:37

    Such a sweet and funny blog entry, thanks for sharing. I wonder what kind of father our youngest son will be with his almost here daughter (due the first week of Nov.) and I hope he will end up being a loving, hands on Dad like Matthew. I pray so!

    love and prayers for a fun weekend with Asher!
    jep (in Central Texas)

  5. LOVE this! I just call him Mumbles.

  6. Watching my husband be a good father makes me fall in love with him over and over and over...


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