name that photo...

on saturday, matthew was watching football and i was writing thank you cards.  asher was sitting in his bouncy chair, happy as a lark... and when i looked down at him, i couldn't help myself... i had to kiss his cheeks and take his picture.  the sunlight filtering in our basement window made it bright enough to take pictures... so i tried... i took about 50 shots.  i got about 3 decent ones and 30 deletable ones...

always so tense.  we could call him "stands with a fist" and pay homage to dances with wolves... but we don't.  we call him asher.  and i call him buddy, because he is... my buddy.

 his ears are kind of elvish.

then i remembered that donna said she got good pictures of him while she was holding him.  so i picked him up.  such a sweet expression... but his ear is the only thing in focus.

ignore the ugly background.

he makes funny faces.

not crying, not pooping, just making faces.

he makes faces like his auntie emma.  she makes great faces.  it is her gift.

i am bad at hiding my fingers behind his head... but that sure is a sweet baby.

hello buddy.  you're mommy loves you...

oh my... and here is where i need your help.

this picture needs a name.  a caption.  i am at a loss... 

so help me out, would ya?  name that photo...


  1. "She said whaaaaat??!!"

  2. He's SO adorable Melinda!

    Let's see...caption for the picture...
    Insert bottle here.
    Living Cuppie Doll (however you spell that)

  3. Love this post! It should be a weekly...daily feature.
    I am not kidding.

    Asher caption.

    "Oh my! Naked neighbor raking leaves!"

    You are so right about Emma.

  4. wendy lou... with me as his mother, he is sure to think and say that a lot!

    courtney... he DOES look like a cuppie doll in that picture! that is hilarious.

  5. Anonymous11:21

    got milk?

  6. "oooo football"

  7. Anonymous14:57

    whatchu talking about? like Gary Coleman. He is just adorable and I am so happy for your family and the Grandparents Boucher!
    ps..this grandma's trick is to take his bath towel and microwave it for 2 minutes. He gets out of the sink into a nice warm towel :)
    Kris Schwarz

  8. kris... that is great advice!

  9. When can I come pick him up?? He is beautiful.

  10. Anonymous20:30

    Asher's faces just make me laugh, what a cutie! Maybe he will be a comedian when he grows up or at least tell really funny stories with faces to match.

    Hope you are feeling better every day.


  11. Anonymous22:08

    He looks like he is looking in a mirror and astonished that he is so adorable!!!

    "Whoa! I am handsome!"

    Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!



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