before i get to it...

buddy's first picture. daddy took it.

i have started about 6 posts that i have never finished.

there seems no way to adequately put into words what the last week and a half.

and every time i start a post, little buddy gets hungry or cranky or actually opens eyes for more than 2 minutes, demanding my attention.

they are coming... i am dying to tell you all about my 30 hour labor ending in a c-section, and the beautiful baby boy that matthew and i created. i am dying to tell you about how my husband has shown me how strong and brave he is, and how asher and i are so very precious to him. i can't wait to tell you about the gas pains and incision pain and constipation and blood and other liquids leaking from my body... i am sure you can't wait for that either.

i will get them finished and up as soon as they make it out of me and onto paper (or computer as the case may be) but until then...

he is so sweet when he yawns.

his hands are always in front of his face. during every ultrasound they were there blocking his face, and now that he is out in the real world... there they are still. he wiggles his way out of a swaddled blanket so his hands can be free.

and this is my favorite moment. when he is done nursing, and his warm little head moves up and rests right on top of me, and his tiny little hand moves close to his face. and he sleeps. he is completely content, and seems as if he could stay there forever. and i am completely content, and wish that we could stay there forever. this moment as a mom is perfection.


  1. oh. too beautiful....

    Hooray Asher! Hooray to his mommy and daddy!

    Thinking of all of you...

    (and, I would love to send something to him....can you email me with your email address and I will e - send a gift card!)

  2. Anonymous23:58

    You're right; I can't wait to hear all the details! I'm hoping to relive those magical days through reading about them here. Your boy is so beautiful, really he is! But you know that already. Soak it up!

  3. You're a mommy.
    Looks like you're coming out of the fog.
    Asher is the lovely.
    I am proud of both you and Matthew.

    Your pictures are wonderful.
    Keep em coming.

    Love you all!

  4. Can't wait!! He is precious.


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