i am still pregnant...

and finding it hard to focus on anything other than the thought of not being pregnant anymore.

i find myself hoping that the full moon tomorrow will work in my favor. you know... the gravitational pull of the moon, and the effect on the tides... perhaps it can also have an effect on my own personal tides, and gravitationaly pull this baby out of my body.

that is what i am hoping.


  1. Anonymous21:04

    We're ready!!!!! Come on Asher Max...its time! -- love you, Mom

  2. a teacher at one of my studios is pregnant with her 4th and she said when you feel like you're going to be pregnant forever and the baby's never going to come out that's when you're going to go into labor.

  3. shelby... since i had a little breakdown last night, and then again this morning, about being pregnant forever, i am hoping she is right...

  4. Today was my pick. Cause of the moon.

    "come on out, baby"

    Before you know it!!!!

  5. Good luck! Believe it or not, you'll probably miss being pregnant... someday :) I hated pregnancy (so so so sick) and now anytime I see/hear about someone being pregnant I get that little jealousy bug.
    Hope your labor/delivery goes smoothly and can't wait to hear about your new little guy!

  6. gina13:54

    August 26...for whatever reason, that's my guess....

  7. i'm guessing you'll go til september. sorry

  8. Anonymous20:29

    Our first son was suppose to come in December and ended up coming January 24th! I really did think I was going to be pregnant forever. The Dr. and I decided our counting was off somehow.
    love and prayers, jep

  9. Hang in there hun!!!! Before you know it you'll be holding baby Asher. This is the hardest time....I know x 5. Love you and praying for you.



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