completely lost....

in most areas of preparing for baby i feel like i am pretty well educated.

i know what kind of bottles people recomend, and what nipples are most natural and best. i know what blankets and covers to use or not use... and i have a wide assortment of diapers to try out and find my favorite. we have the boppy clean and ready to use, we have the bumbo sitting on reserve on the closet. we have set up the nursery (pictures coming as soon as i download my new cameras software) we have set up the pack n' play, and practiced opening and closing the stroller and locking the car seat safely into position. and i feel pretty prepared. pretty ready.

and then my friend rachel, who has baby numero tres on the way, tells me, "the one thing you really need a lot of is clothes. you think you don't really... and you do."

and i choke a little. because the thing is...

there is one area where i feel completely lost... clothes. we have a ton of onesies in many different sizes. this much i have preapared for. beyond this... i am clueless. i try to go buy asher some clothes, and i realize i have no idea. i wander aimlessly up and down the baby cothing aisles, and search through the sale racks... but i just dont know. and i leave feeling defeated, lost, comfused, and very empty handed. i don't know how many items of each thing i need. heck i don't even know what kind of items he will need, what things i will like to put him in. what he will be comfortable in, what he will look good in, i have no idea. i have no idea how long he will actually wear these sizes, or what the weather will really be like when he decides to come. i am completely lost.

help please. what kind of clothes do i need? how can i fill my drawers and begin feeling prepared in this area too? how can i dress my son? what clothing items do i relly need? what will he want to wear? wat will be easy for hima nd me? what will he look adorable in? leave me comments... tell your frineds to leave me comments... my son is going to be cold and naked, or have really dirty worn out clothes if i don't get this figured out soon.

Clothes Lines Hung with Laundry in the Slums of Chicago
by Gordon Coster


  1. i'm not one for advice on this subject seeing as i buy everything on eBay. but maybe eBay?

  2. Jennifer01:25

    I know what kind of nipples are most natural and best as well. Sorry, you know I couldn't help myself.

    As far as clothes go, I prefer a nakey babe. I loved to have Layla in a onesie because they are so easy. They grow so quickly at the beginning and go through clothes so fast and so many times a day that the clothes don't last long at all. Just keep it simple and find a few cute outfits for outings so that people can say that he's dressed so nice. They will think you dress him like that all the time, and only you will know that he only wears onesies at home.

  3. My children wore a lot of stretchy, cottony, one piece thingys with feet.

    Oh. I know. go to Gymboree. They have good sales....and that's the kind of thing I liked. piece. cute fabrics.

  4. hannah andersson and how could I forget....
    oshgosh overalls :o)
    overalls are so easy they go over all those onesies :o)

    And you can borrow Matthew's European bubble.

    My kids wore a lot of Florence Eiseman bubbles.

  5. Okay. My blog is going to be pictures of my babies and their clothes!

  6. My little guy had a lot of one- piece sleepers that were footed. Of course we did have some cuter outfits for special outings, but for the most part he wore sleepers for the first six months or so. You can buy thinner, cooler ones for when the baby first comes and then get warmer ones for the winter. I mostly bought Gymboree, Carters(they have a lot of cute, inexpensive onsies and sleepers), Old Navy and Baby Gap(sales).
    I'm sure he'll look adorable in whatever you choose to put on him!
    Liz in N.C.

    p.s. Kissy Kissy has the sweetest, SOFTEST baby clothes ever! They are pricey, but you can find some on ebay. We got some Kissy Kissy outfits as gifts, and they were my very favorite!

  7. Don't worry! You will find tons and tons of things once the baby comes! Do you have any friends with little kids? Call them and ask them if you can have their clothes their baby outgrew. My friends shared with me!

    They do grow SO quickly and you never know how long they can wear something.

    I like Carter's a lot. I go to thrift stores. And yard sales. Don't spend too much because every single thing will get stained :) Well, maybe not every.single.thing, but a lot of things. Just trust me : )

    Have fun! Mix it up. Make sure it is soft. Soft is very, very good.

    Good luck. So excited for you!

  8. I agree with the all in one piece footed outfits. They kind of look like pajamas, but babies can get away with pajamas for a long time. I wouldn't buy too many before the baby is born. If he's huge and you've got tons of tiny clothes, that is $$$ down the drain. And it's hard to return or exchange stuff you've already washed, and you won't want to go shlumping out to stores when you are sleep deprived and cuddling with a cute newborn anyway.

    When I started buying real clothes for my boys I always got shirts that snapped underneath. I liked the fact that their little tummies were covered. When babies are little their clothes get all discombobulated. So the snaps keep their shirts all nice and neat and tucked in.

    I was told to keep knit hats on a baby their first few weeks to keep them warm. You'll get one or 2 from the hospital (are you delivering in a hospital?), but you may want to have a couple extra.

    I like the Carters & Oshkosh brands. Kohl's has lots of nice baby clothes and sales. And there's always Target.

    Don't worry, you'll figure it out.

  9. I know when I lived with Josh & Kristen and I had to dress their kids I always put them in a onesie of some kind. I think they had little shirts & shorts, but there's no way I was going to put a baby in that. Edmond would just take off the socks and shoes anyways.

    And the boppy is really the best. There was one week where Josh was working overnights & Kristen was on painkillers from a surgery so Edmond would sleep in my room, I just put him in the boppy with a blanker and he'd sleep right through the night. It is just so comforting to be around me I think.

  10. 0-3 month things are done before you know it... for that age, i just had onesies and baby bags.

    they are the best things EVER. so soft and sweet, easy access, they get softer with every washing. love them.

    you need less than you think you do, especially of 'outfits' with pieces. stick with one-piece everythings - footie rompers [the stretchy ones with zippers are much easier to deal with at 4 am than all the buttons!] and the t-shirt material is nice for any temperature - you won't worry about him being too hot in those fuzzy ones.

    wish you were here - we'd shop and i'd show you everything we used for our 4. By the way, the greatest gift ever? Garage sales and ebay. Seriously!

    More soon. My brother and his wife are due August 31 so it's all babies on the brain right now.. they're having a girl. :)


  11. Anonymous12:47

    I'm with Donna. I was all about the piece romper type things. Adorable, comfy, and easy! I can't wait to meet Asher!

  12. Anonymous12:48

    supposed to say "one piece". Maybe I should start using the preview feature before posting haha

  13. I came over from Donna's blog. My son lived in Carter's footie jammies but he was born in December.
    And so, I will tell you something about Carter's sizes that I didn't know until it was too late.
    3 months = 0-3 months
    6 months = 3-6 months
    9 months = 6-9 months
    12 months = 6-12 months
    When you're buying clothes always look at the weight instead of the age. If you have a chubby baby, like mine was, he will be wearing clothes that are fitting to his weight but not his age. Does that make sense?
    I loved having a couple of pairs of lined jeans (jersey or fleece). We had lots of hand-me-downs though.

  14. Oh, and make sure to have a small arsenal of newborn sized clothes. People don't tend to buy newborn sizes in my experience, and even though they aren't in them for but a couple of weeks, you WILL need a few things in NB sizes...

    ...and that's my 2 cents. :)

    Good luck, I'm so happy for you!

  15. you don't need to waste your time on newborn clothes cause they eat like 3 tiems and they've out grown them.

    as far as don't know what to get...this is the time when your kid doesn't have a choice. dress them however the heck you want. whatever you think is cute.

    i would try to buy a winter coat and hat for a toddler on ebay now before it's winter... although patrick just said just wrap it in lots of blankets.

    oh and try garage sales. people will give you hand me down stuff after you have the baby.and if not cut up matthews farve jersey and put him in that.

  16. Anonymous21:19

    You got tons of great advice. I will offer one more thing. What should Asher wear? Whatever you feel like putting on him with lots of love thrown into the bargain. Smile! Seriously, soft clothes and if he is like our sons, nothing that goes over his head, unless it has snap shoulders or is roomy. I remember the boys not liking tight shirts going over their heads. Smile!

    You will be fine, don't worry. love and prayers, jep

  17. I loved sleepsacks for the first few months...easy for those middle of the night changes when you don't want to mess with snaps! After that, onesies and sweatpants...anything elastic waist...or those one piece adorable outfits. Don't buy too much in the newborn size...they wont' fit for long!

  18. Anonymous22:44

    Personally Melinda, I liked all in one bodysuits with zippers or buttons because if they poop explode its much easier and you don't have to pull it over his head. I speak from experience and trust me the least amt of baths you have to give them when you are trying to learn everything else is better.

    I have lots of clothes you can borrow if you want, just name the size and i have a plastic tub for you. Call me and you can come over and look through Isaiah's old things.

    Also, I had a lot of clothes that were cute at first and then ended up figuring out what worked for us and then going to Once Upon a Child and buying a lot.

    love you!

  19. Sarah Anne00:01

    For the first three months all you need are socks, hats, onesies and sleepers. Maybe a few outfits for church or outings, but you'll have an extra one or two in your bag for spitups and diaper leakage (especially if you're nursing.) Buy these:
    Cut them up and put them under everything you set the baby down on (car seat, high chair, bed when doing diaper changes, swing, etc.) and you will save yourself the time of having to clean the entire item :)
    I wish I could see you there as a mom - you'll be great!
    Love you!


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