waking up...

i love to sleep. naps are my favorite past time. cuddling under the blankets with a good book or a good movie and dozing off is one of my favorite things in life.

i hate waking up. and when you go to sleep... you inevitably have to wake up. i fight waking up. i wake up fighting.

my entire life has been this way. my mother had such a hard time waking me up, and i was so mean and ugly when i woke up as a child... that in first grade, she stopped doing it. she bought me an alarm clock and told me i needed to learn to set an alarm and wake up on my own in the morning. that is true. i kid you not. this worked for a few years, until i learned to tune out alarm clocks. i can sleep right through them. mornings are just not my thing.

ask my poor husband. its his job to wake me up in the morning. i yell and grunt and grumble and whisper profanities under my breathe. i have been known to throw punches. i can not be held responsible for what i do in the fragile state between sleep and awake. because, i just hate waking up. it is the worst part of my day, every day. no amount of expensive, rich smelling coffee, not all the coke in the world could make waking up any better, any easier.

sure, there are always exceptions to this. the first day of school. the morning of a big trip. the morning matthew woke me up with breakfast in bed--he proposed that morning. i woke up easily when i saw him with a tray in his hands. what was he doing in my house? why was he making me breakfast? i knew what was coming... i woke up easily that day. he asked and i said yes. and every morning since then i have woke up ugly and angry and throwing punches. poor boy didn't know what he was getting himself into.

matthew has been working a lot of overtime lately. which means he leaves for work long before any human should be awake. which means i am left to wake myself up. which means i am getting to work with soaking wet hair, no breakfast in my belly, and more than a little crabby.

i just don't like waking up. there is something in my body makes it impossible to do without the gentle nudging if my matthew telling me its time to get up.

it's why i stay married to him. i need him as my alarm clock. without him, i would never wake up.


  1. I'll call you.
    I can't sleep.


  2. Axelle the french reader12:22

    Don't worry ... Soon, you'll have the sweetest clock in the world who will wake you ...
    But you'll be awake, believe me !! ;-))
    I remember, one day... night, I found my husband giving the "biberon" to our son, looking at him in the eyes, with ... exploded eyes, hair right on the top of his head, and telling him :
    "Well ... It's 3 oclock in the morning ... What do you want to do, after ? We go in discoteca ?..."
    I just saw the video on Donna's blog, it was so strange to see you in real !! I tell it again, you're wonderful ...
    But I haven't understood ONE WORD !!! I used to think that I had a good level in english ... all is vanity ! JE SUIS NULLE !! ... Mais j'assume !! Friendly,

  3. steve and i are both terrible about getting out of bed. we roll to the other and say, "just ten more minutes."

    and that's why i also go to work with sopping hair and a shoddy makeup jobs oh well.

  4. Minna, you and Holly are hysterical! I'm a total morning person- to the point that it irritates everyone who has ever lived with me!!


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