this weekend my in laws and my best friend from childhood made their way to omaha for a baby shower. my baby shower. my aunt was beyond excited to throw me a party, she has been waiting for 5 months for this. really, the first thing she said to me when she found out i was pregnant, after congratulations, was... "i'll have a baby shower for you, when should we do a baby shower?" i shrugged. it seemed like a lifetime away. all week i kept saying "i can't believe it's time for my baby shower already." and i couldn't. my life is flashing before my eyes.

it was a beautiful weekend full of love and laughing and the occasional tear. it felt right to have them all here. like this is where they belong, with us in omaha. please move to omaha.

it was also the most fun baby shower i have ever been to. and i am not just saying that because this time i took home a carload of gifts. it really was fun. my aunt had fruit and nuts and chips and dip and tuna sandwiches. she had the most delicious punch that i drank 8 glasses of. there were streamers and balloons and chocolates and candles. my name was on nearly everything. there were prizes and treats and lots of cake. and there were lots of woman who love and care about me, about us. it was really a lovely time.

holly was in charge of shower games, and we both dreaded the thought of hokey shower games. and you know what? the games were the best part. we played 3 simple games. the first was baby shower bingo. the goal was to get other people to sign off on squares on your bingo board so that you would be the first with 5 in a row signed by other guests. they said things like "traveled form out of town for the shower" "is pregnant with her first child" "had a c-section" "is related to melinda" and such. my beautiful sister in law emma won in record time.

we also played a game where the guests were to try to guess some of my favorite things, the person who got the most right, won. turns out these people don't know me very well. they all claimed that i don't know myself very well. maybe it is a little of both. and you know what? i can't even remember who won. i was too busy laughing.

the last game was my favorite game. there was a list of 18 traits that our baby would have next to columns of boxes under matthew's name, and under my name. the guests were supposed to guess which traits i wanted our baby asher to have from which parent. lets play right now...

sense of humor
social skills
skin tone
and i cant remember the last 2 right now.

most people disagreed with my answers. i thought this would be an easy game. when i got home i quizzed matthew. matthew and i agreed on every one. i guess that is why we got married. we agree on everything important.

see if you can guess... i'll give my answers in the comments later.

and check donna's blog she has lots of shower pictures and pictures of matthew and i from last weekend while they were here.


  1. Anonymous15:52

    Melinda, you have such a sweet aunt to give you that lovely baby shower with beautiful friends, family members and babies! I am wondering if you want a red headed baby since Matthew comes from a family of red heads. You mentioned your golden skin color in the summer, so maybe you want the baby to have your skin tones. Wish I knew you well enough to even guess on the rest. Sounds like you had fun games. Is it OK if I borrow them for our DIL's baby shower? Loved the pictures on Donna's blog. Keeping you in our prayers. jep

  2. jep, use them. those games were so fun! i always wanted red head children, even before i knew the boucher's. now that it is here i am hoping if it is red, that it is not carrott red.

  3. somehow i knew matt wouldn't be offended by my teeth comment. you do have amazing teeth.

  4. what? you didn't have the melt-the-candybar-in-the-diaper-and-pass-around-to-identify game? one of my faves.

    could you BE any more lovely?


  5. oh steph. ew. ;o)

    I loved the games so much.
    We laughed so hard.

    Your mom won the prize for knowing you so well :o)


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