self help...

the thing about doing your own household projects is... sometimes they don't turn out how you imagined them. sometimes they just are not quite right.

you can be filled with a great sense of pride and accomplishment for making something happen with your own two hands... and still... it can feel strangely unfinished.

matthew and i have been working feverishly to get a few projects done around the house that i have desperately wanted to get done. some are turning out exactly how i imagined... some are not. and we are dealing. our projects are still a huge improvement, to what was. and i know anyone who can not see what i envisioned in my head, won't know that it did not turn out how i dreamed. our self guided, newly learned, home improvement jobs are giving us a sense of accomplishment, and teaching us a lot. next time, our project outcome will be even better.

our baby shower is fast approaching, this weekend to be exact, and with it comeS guests. i like hosting, i am anxious for my family and friends to get to town so we can share in this joy with them. i am beyond excited for my baby shower and to start preparing for little asher's arrival. but the thing is... i have to start preapring for little asher's arrival. and that is freaking me out a little bit. i feel as if this has just snuck up on me with no warning. like i haven't had over 7 months to prepare for this monumentous event in life. 33 weeks already? it can't be. i have so many things i still need to do. so many projects to finish, so many thigns to accomplish. matthew and i still have to take our pre-baby life vacation to greece. yah, i think we have missed the mark on that one.

so our haphazard way of self help home improvement and baby preperation continues.


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