ready, steady, go...

if the baby came tomorrow... i wouldn't freak out. i think we are just about ready for him.

last night as matthew and i were drifting off to sleep, i was busy mumbling all the things i accomplished in the baby room and the few little minute things that still need to be done. he mumbled back "yup... you can go ahead and squeeze him out now."

and i smiled. because i am fairly certian it will be a little more involoved than that. and because i know in the last 8 months, matthew was gettign ready as much as i was... and now. we are almost ready. scared and uncertain and questioning... but ready to take on this next chapter of our life. ready to meet our son.


  1. Did you get a mattress?

  2. gina15:02

    :) Soon, mama :) Savor these last days together....

  3. i'm excited to meet him! come out, come out.

  4. Axelle the french reader06:35

    Make a trip to where you want, sleep, do what you want at any hour you want, take care of yourself and of your husband, do all you can do between both of you, go to restaurant...etc ... Bref, PROFITE ! ;-)...
    It's the final countdown, tadadadaaaa, tadadadadaaaa... (yes, you can dance shaking your hair in every sens you want, too ...)
    Seriously, I'm happy to see you feeling fine and we're all impatient to meet this tiny, pretty baby !!
    I'm leaving tomorrow for 10 days of holidays... without internet, yes ...
    Maybe when I'll come back ...

  5. so sorry to be so MIA lately... but have been praying for you every single day, and am so excited to meet little Asher. Am trusting the Lord that you'll have everything you need exactly when you need it - and I don't mean the 'stuff'... I mean.. YOU!

    Love you - have a great weekend -


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