19 random thoughts...

1. our neighborhood was like a war zone on the 4th. the smoke was so thick that you could hardly see the house across the street, the neighbors had the hose handy, which we saw them have to use several times. yikes. the next morning a huge black and brown stain sat in the middle of our street where the neighbors had lit off what must have been thousands and thousands of dollars worth of fireworks. our yard was littered with shells and wrappers and charred pieces of who knows what. and as i surveyed the damage, i thought about how much our neighborhood actually resembled a war zone. then i thought it was terrible of me to think that, because i live in the suburbs in omaha, ne. a very long way from any war zone

2. tonight at birthing class matthew laughed until he cried. he tried to hide behind his hair, but he couldn't hide well. it was something about leaking breast milk that did him in. oh my... this might be a very long year.

3. then i heard this come from his mouth; "babe. babies are kind of stupid." then i laughed until i cried. i don't even remember what she was talking about, but apparently matthew thought whatever it was made babies seem not so smart.

4. today at work i thought about running out the door and never returning. just because. because i would be happier if i didn't work. but then i remembered i couldn't pay my bills if i did that, so i stayed in my seat.

5. i ate a mcdonalds mcdouble today for lunch. $1.07 with tax... and it was delicious.

6. i have about six thousand bug bites from the 2 hours i spent outside watching the fireworks. i am wondering where my after bite itch reducer is. i know i have some around here somewhere. there is something about bug bites that makes me feel 6 years old again.

7. i have had a sore throat since mid day yesterday. there is something about a sore throat that makes me feel 6 again.

8. the 4th of july makes me feel 6 years old again.

9. it is so strange that i can feel 6 years old again in so many ways, and be growing a child at the same time.

10. we ordered a car seat online. the model we wanted was starting to get hard to find, no more in omaha anywhere, so we ordered it online. yesterday the ups tracker said it had been dropped off to the ups hub in omaha at 4 am saturday. i assumed it would be delivered today. it was not. the ups tracker now says that they dropped it off at a local post office or delivery at noon today. what the heck? the post office is like 6 blocks from my house... why couldn't you drop it off here? this is the second time that ups has done that to me since we lived here. the first time it took me another 5 days to get my package. why do they do this? why is this acceptable?

11. i have been constantly thinking about my weekend furniture dye job. half of it worked great, half of it no so great. now i have to figure out how to fix it. this is consuming my every thought.

12. my dad and brother left today for a boys trip. i gave them one request. bring me back vernors please. do you know vernors? i love it. you cant always find it round these parts. it is also the best beverage to sip on a sore throat. i wish i had some right now.

13. our front hedges are so overgrown our neighbors must hate us. i can't stop sweating long enough to make myself take my huge pruning scissors outside to prune them.

14. i am scared. getting more scared with every day. it is starting to disrupt my sleep. i need to find peace. the kind of peace that passes all understanding. the kind of peace that can only come from Him.

15. there is a girl in our childbirth class who is due 3 weeks after me. she hardly looks pregnant. how does that happen? where could her baby be? there was another girl in our class who was due 4 weeks before me. she had her baby boy today. 3 1/2 weeks early. he was perfectly healthy and 6 pounds.

16. matthew is watching monster trucks on tv right now. i kid you not. it must be a slow sports day.

17. did you know that there is a baseball player named evan longoria? every time i hear his name, i think "his name is only one letter off from eva longoria. how weird." every single time.

18. matthew and i have been sleeping under different blankets for a month now. i am too hot for the whole comforter. eveyr night matthew says, "i can't believe we use different blankets." to which i respond "i can't believe i'm so hot and sweaty all the time." but really, i can't believe we are using different blankets either. i like sharing a bed with my matthew. i don't like not feeling him next to me. i am hoping this heat waves leaves my body with the baby.

19. and last but not least... viva la france! i don't know where that came from. but that one is for you brad, rachel and becky. love ya.


  1. two things you need to buy:

    1. that Off bug fan (and me too if it works)
    2. An electric hedge trimmer. Those pruning scissors must take forever.

    Is it hot enough to start sleeping in the basement? Because I'm about to do it. That would make not sharing a blanket look like nothing (which Steve and I also do: he always neglects to get under the sheet and it annoys me and confuses Tucker).

    Does your neck hurt from looking at fireworks? Because mine did yesterday. I almost scheduled a massage until Steve said I was being ridiculous and it was just from craning our necks.

  2. Nikki14:44

    you'll be having hot flashes after the baby too; I used to sweat so bad sometimes that my shirt would be wet. :Sigh:....the things we go through for our children

  3. Melinda,

    John and I remember two things from childbirth class, and they are both things that made us laugh.

    1) A handout entitled Getting Her Under Control. It instructed the husband to grab his wife's face and look her in the eye and say, "Get Yourself Under Control." I have to think that the handout's intent was some sort of reverse psychology thing because across the room couples were bonding over a commitment to not behave that way in labor. If my husband had grabbed my face in labor....well let's just say that he would not have been able to create more children (-:

    2) The other was a video we watched of a woman giving birth. She was silent. All she said was, during transition, "Oh, Praise the Lord." I looked at John and he quickly said, "I know that's not what you will be like. Don't worry." I am louder than that when I am cooking dinner, so why would I be quiet in labor? Silly movie.

    I've done the birth thing five times. I am not some sort of natural birth nazi, and I didn't find it a spiritual high or anything, but it is an incredible experience. You will do it and you will be a mommy, and it will all make sense and not be so scary any more. I always took great comfort in the fact that so many women not only had a child, but they had ANOTHER one (-: You will do GREAT!!! And that baby will be so loved. Cannot wait to hear your news.

    Di from the Quiet Life Comment Section

  4. Di! You are so funny!
    You are louder than that when you are cooking dinner!!!

    I was just telling the family about Vernor's. Two days ago.
    Emma was drinking a Fresca!
    I am a Squirt fan.

    Love you list of random things.

  5. donna, i love fresca. the boys at work make fun of me. it tastes like squirt--only diet. vernors is my fave though.

    di, that is funny. we were all cracking up about the "encouraging words" hand out. if matthew said most of those things to me, i would slug him out of annoyance.

  6. Anonymous20:41

    First, don't be scared about giving birth, in fact don't think about it too much, because to be honest its going to happen and it will hurt, but then it will be over and Asher will be there and you won't care.

    Second, I like vernor's as well! Paul's grandparents always have it.

    Third, VIVA LA FRANCE! Love you!


  7. You can't get Vernors? you poor thing!

    We never finished Lamaze b/c my husband acted like a fool and it made me so mad...but I had 3 natural childbirths without it

    Everytime I see Evan Longoria I think the same thing

    Becoming a mother is scary. Very. But it's awesome too.

    Hang in there!! OH! and just think "Bitch!" when you see a woman who's pregnant as you and small...or gets back into her jeans within weeks. HA!

  8. Di's comment has made me realize what a horrible downer I am. I'm always talking shit about pregnancy, but Di is right: look at all these women who have multiple children.

    I apologize for my negative feelings about pregnancy/childbirth: I'm still recovering from one five years ago. Still hoping to forget it one day so I can bear Steve a child.

    But you are much stronger than I am and will have no problems at all. Just curse a lot during labor. I sounded like I had Tourette's, but it helped me out immensely.

  9. Holly.
    I love you.
    You make me laugh.



    Hope to see you at the shower!

    (p.s. I was so afraid to give birth the second time...
    then Matthew flew out of my body like he was on a slide at Noah's Ark. Thank God.)


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