sitting still...

last night we had our first "prepared birthing" class.

this is becoming real. we are having a baby. we will be parents. in few short weeks i will be pushing a baby out of my body. weird.

on our way to class matthew turns and says to me, "going to this class is going to be worse than actual labor." i thought to my self, "clearly you are not the one going to be in labor."

after about 5 minutes into class i realized... he may be right. this class is brutal. our instructor is a little loopy. and not in a, i am natural and loving and proud of the woman's body, kind of loopy... but in a whole different kind of, not as expected or acceptable kind of loopy. matthew and i are kind of introverted. we are in a class full of strangers. matthew never took sex ed class, this is all new to him. he is very modest and conservative, it makes him a little uncomfortable hearing words like cervix and mucus plug and breasts. i am not as modest or conservative, and i took sex ed class... this is not new to me, nothing shocks me.

next week we will be watching the birth video. matthew is already thinking of ways he can get out of it. no, not really... but he has heard it is the scariest movie some people have ever seen. i think he will be covering his eyes with his hair. i hope he doesn't get sick or pass out just watching the video. that would be a bad omen. i am afraid he will get sick or pass out when i am in real labor. he is afraid of the same thing.

we practiced deep belly breathing, and were sent on our way. next week... relaxation techniques and more breathing practice.

in the car on the way home matthew said, "i can't sit still for that long. 2 hours is a long time." i just smiled. what is he going to do when he has to sit with me when i am in labor for 12 or more hours? i guess we will find out.

1 week down, 5 to go. 5 more weeks of "prepared childbirth" hopefully it will actually prepare me for childbirth... i'll let you know.

today my in laws leave to go visit patrick. the whole family is going. we will be left behind, happy and together, pregnant and broke and wishing we could take a vacation. it was clear in january that we would not be taking this vacation. money and vacation time would be too tight. i would be too pregnant to fly across the country. we wish so badly we could be there. we had planned on visiting patrick this year. we had hoped we could make it work to with the boucher's. but we are expecting a baby, and they are going without us. everyone will be together, the whole family, and we will feel like we will be misisng out on so much family time, and so many memories made. have fun boucher's. you will be missed, you will be loved. we can't wait to hear about all the fun times.

i am holding out hope that we will all be together for christmas. i guess i can wait until then. love you.


  1. i'm with matthew: a birthing class sounds like hell on earth.

  2. Okay, I've just read the entire blog out loud to Uncle David and we are both laughing out loud! Absolutely hysterical:)I feel like I was right there in the car with you- too funny! You two are going to be great parents. If I had the money to send you to see Patrick with the rest of the family I'd give it to you two in a heart beat. I love you and can't wait to see you and baby Asher, and Matthew too:)

  3. holly, it's pretty brutal. i am scared to give birth, i need all the help i can get.

    auntie, i wish you could have seen matthews face when she said we will be watching the birthing video next week. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Anonymous21:41

    If you are planning on nursing, take a breastfeeding class with your husband. This was way more helpful than the birthing class. All the stuff we learned went out the window but the breastfeeding class really stuck and made me want to stick with the nursing as well! Made my husband into a believer too!


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