dye and stuff...

i'm ba-ack.

turns out the computer wasn't broken. the power cord was broken. phew... that is a much cheaper fix. and by cheaper i mean free for the time being, cause i hijacked my brothers power cord. he doesn't need a computer anyway...

while i was away...

matthew and i celebrated our third anniversary. he brought me home roses, and bought me a lovely card. his written words made my cry. i bought him a lovely card that made me cry, my written words did not make him cry. i bought him a dart board for the basement, it is broken. we will have to return it. we celebrated by shoving frozen taquitos down our gullet, and rushing out the door to birthing class. we try to get there early, so we can get back row seats. we made it through the birth video. matthew only covered his eyes with his hair a little. when we were leaving, he said, "that wasn't so bad." i hope he keeps that opinion when it is me giving birth, and not some unknown woman in a video from 1996.

i had a doctor appointment. she told me i am doing great, that i am having an incredibly easy and flawless pregnancy. she is so sweet and gentle and kind. i like her a lot. i gained another pound. up 8 1/4 total so far. i was relieved, because i have eaten a lot of ice cream lately. it is my favorite food. baby asher and i both looked great. i am measuring a week or so ahead of time. ashers head is down, and he is facing my back. he is in perfect position. hopefully he stays that way.

matthew has had to work overtime... he has to wake up so early when they are busy at work. he is such a hard worker and dedicated employee. i am so proud to call him mine.

we found a gem of an outdoor retreat right in the middle of omaha. we drove around the park with the windows down and the cool night air clearing our heads and senses. then we parked, and walked the trail around the lake. walking around that lake gave me braxton hicks contractions like you wouldn't believe. i had to stop and sit, we didn't make it as far as would have liked. i love walking with my husband. just he and i and nature. it is one of my favorite things.

we ate french fries and milkshakes for dinner. my most favorite dinner.

we painted the baby room. my mom helped. 1 thing done, 596 to go. it felt good to check such a big thing off our list. we are quickly running out of time, and then we will never have any time again. next on the list of things to do is installing the new light fixtures in the kitchen, and putting the ceiling fan from the dining area into the baby room. i have a cedar chest i want to paint. and a bakers rack that is dying to be black instead of hunter green. and my biggest, scariest project yet... i am going to dye my living room furniture. new furniture is in my dreams, but that is going to stay a dream for many years to come. so, instead... i am going to work with what i've got. have you guys every dyed anything big like that? i haven't dyed anything since high school when my girlfriends and i would design t-shirts for spirit week. i am a little nervous but excited to give it a whirl. what do i have to lose?

that is what is going on in my neck of the woods. how is life where you are?

Couple Taking a Ride on the 300 Ft. Parachute Jump at Coney Island Amusement Park Photographic Print
Couple Taking a Ride
Marie Hansen


  1. dye it in your washing machine. but i'd save yourself the hassle and just get a slip cover

  2. Happy Anniversary! Glad you and Asher are doing well. Sounds like you are going to be one busy lady in the next few weeks. Have fun! :)

  3. Hi!

    I'm so glad you are back.
    I love hearing about your days.

    I can not get over how little you have gained!
    It is amazing.

    Hooray for Asher for being the perfect baby inutero.

    I knit a little something for the first baby session.
    Think Cocoon.

    Now that you have the computer working....I want to see more pictures? Do you have a working camera?

  4. Amanda S.17:56

    Hey! I am so excited for you! I also only have a part time job so if you want some extra hands to help around the house these summer weeks let me know. I would love to come over!!


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