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Terry Why


why i love the biggest loser...

it motivates me, it inspires me. i like to see the change that people make in their lives. i like bob.

why i hate the biggest loser....

jillian really annoys me. the drag out every moment of the show. it gives me false hope and unrealistic goals.

why i am having a hard time blogging lately...

my mind is consumed with nothing but pregnancy and baby and parenthood. every thought i have centralizes around this sweet baby boy growing inside of me. i am scared and worried and unsure. i am joyful and peaceful and anxious. my mind is all a flutter... and i can't concentrate on much else. i know that most other people don't care about my growing stretch marks, or the fear i have in becoming a mother. i know people don't care that my ankles are starting to swell, or that i have chosen paint for the baby room. people who really know me don't even care about those details... why on earth would strangers on the internet? but it is all that consumes my mind, there is very little else wandering around up there. i can't think of anything else.

why i am growing my hair out...

matthew likes my hair long. the longer the better. when we fell in love, my hair was very long. and honestly, i'm not giving a whole lot lately. i have gained a rather significant amount of weight since we got married, even more if we count back from when we started dating. and now i am pregnant, and my body will never be the same. i may have only gained 5 pounds so far... but i have seen enough moms in the world to know my body will never be the same. i figure i can at least give him my long hair.

why i love my husband...

tonight as he went outside to grill, he asked me if i could make my baked beans on the burner on the grill, so i could be cooking with him while he grilled, instead of in different worlds. i of course obliged. spending time with him is my favorite thing in the world.

when we saw the preview for the A-Team during the biggest loser finale... i declared my love for mr. t. "when i was a little girl, i loved mr. t. i had a mr. t puzzle. it was sweet." i said. his reply, without missing a beat, or looking up form his baseball game on the computer, "you had a mr. t puzzle? now, that's puzzling." and it made me laugh. he is funny. subtly funny. hilariously funny. he makes me laugh. he makes me happy.

is there anything you want to know about me? ask me why or who or what or when or or where or how in the comments... and if they aren't too ridiculous, i will answer them

and i want to know... what why questions are plaguing your mind... if i asked you today, Why? just... Why? what would your answer be?


  1. we do care about the tiniest details of your life! that's why we keep reading your blog.

    i for one am extremely fascinated in bitching about stretch marks and the color you picked out for asher's room. and don't even get me started on the biggest loser, as you know.

  2. Anonymous01:36

    I also like the little details. I am not one easily bored. Besides, you're an interesting person. I always like to read about your spin on things. Besides, I have four kids so motherhood's pretty much one of my favorite topics.

    Why? Because God said so and that's all there is to it! :-)


  3. You can ask me anything...

    just not...

    What's for dinner at 10 in the morning or when I have been gone all day. ;o)

    My why questions make me cry so I'm not going to think about that now.

    Love you.

  4. I would like to know...who is your favorite brother?!

    The why question that I cannot seem to find an answer to is this: Why am I at this god-forsaken place I call work?

  5. Anonymous22:26

    I love reading the details of your sweet little man child growing safe and snug in your womb. Every baby is such a miracle and it's a blessing to hear about Asher.

    Your body will not be the same, neither will your heart. You will forever be changed in ways you cannot possibly comprehend. The instant you look at his face, your world will be changed for eternity!
    Your hubby will look at you through a new lens, and he will love you even more.


  6. Anonymous20:03

    Just a nosy question as your thoughts seem to frequently echo mine! I also live in Nebraska and question if I am doing the right thing and/or have chosen the right path. I know you've stated you went to an expensive private school (for some reason, I thought Creighton, given your location), but you said neither your nor your sweet hubby continued. May I ask why and if you have any regrets? If it's too nosy, please just delete or say "because". I understand. :) Thank you, Bethie.

  7. bethie,

    it is hard to look back at decisions i made and regret any of them. the decisions i made, good and bad, brought to me where i am today. and there is no doubt that where i am now, is where i am supposed to be. i also believe that God can take decisions we made that may have not been the best, and still use those decisions to take us to where he wants us to be, to be used for hIs glory.

    my husband and i both went to grace university in omaha, ne. we both paid for our schooling on our own, which meant we took out student loans to pay for our education. which means now that we have a lot of student loan debt. neither of us finished shcool, i have 1 year left, matthew 1 1/2 TO 2.

    i would like to finish someday, matthew would not.

    i wish we hadn't spent so much money on college, but we met at college, so it is hard to say that we shouldn't have gone. i wish i would have finsihed, but i ran out of money and another loan would have taken me deeper into the hole. i wonder where i would be if i had been somewhere else... but this is where i am supposed to be. in omaha, with matthew, pregnant, and broke.

    it is not what i had dreamed for myself, and not where i thoght i would be. but i dont regret what brought me here, and it is easy to look back and see God's hand in every decision i made... because good or bad, it has brought me here.

    bethie, God will use whatever decisions you make to His glory, and sometimes the decisions you make don't always feel right, or seem right to others.

    even today i make decisions and i wonder if they are right or wrong... but i know that God is beside me no matter what i decide or where i go... and i don't know where the decisions i make today might take me in the future. but i have faith that God will take me where He wants me to go using the place i am now.

    that was really long... and hopefully what you were looking for. email me anytime.


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