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Fresh Grapefruits
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i broke my tail bone in 7th grade? did i ever tell you that?

at youth group, playing fruit salad upset under a strobe light... i broke my tailbone. it was terrible.

it was a mad dash to move across the huge circle and find a seat before everyone else did, and you were stuck in the middle everyone staring at you. that is a middle schoolers worst nightmare; being the last one standing, having everyone staring at you... thinking about it now gives me the heebies.

so i saw that open seat... and i ran. full force. across the room... my friend mike wegner reached the chair next to the open chair i spotted first. as i threw myself around, and went to plop myself into the metal folding chair (strobe lights blinking my sight in and out, mind you) that mike wegner thought it would be funny to pull my chair out from under from me. i never saw it... my head was turned the other way, making sure no one was trying to attack me for the chair, and i was throwing myself full throttle into that seat. instead of hitting the metal seat, i slammed into the hard cement floor. i cried, the tears came... i couldn't help it. mike laughed wildly. and that goal of not being the center of attention, that goal of not being the last person standing, was long gone. i laid on the ground for the remainder of the youth group, wincing in pain. every laugh, every sneeze, every cough, every slight movement made my bottom half throb. the ride home in the car was brutal... every slight bump, or stop, or acceleration, oh my...

i walked in the front door taking tiny steps. i winced and shook with every step. when i saw my mom... the tears really streamed. i am sure she had to hold back giggles. i must have looked like an idiot. she helped me get dressed, gave me some advil, and tucked me straight into bed. it was hard to sleep... the pain was unimaginable. moving a finger made my tailbone hurt. i woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom, i thought i was going to be sick. i passed out instead. trying to pull myself back up, i passed out again. mom and dad had already left for work. it was just jesse and i. he was in 4th grade. i came to, but all i saw was blackness. i pulled myself up, and onto the closed toilet. i needed to just sit for moment. i was crying, and trying not to panic. "jesse... jesse... come here." he was already there. "will you get me some water please? i can't see anything." he got me a glass of water, a bit panicky, he called my mom. she assured him iw oudl be fine. slowly my sight returned. jesse went to school, and i went back to bed for the rest of the day.

i had to carry a foam donut around for a couple for months, that sucked. it also got me out of gym class for a couple of weeks' that wasn't as sucky. the pain lasted for years. to this day, if i sit at a bad angle, i can feel it my tailbone... all thanks to mike wegner, who just couldn't help getting a laugh out of the other kids at youth group. thanks a lot buddy... wherever you are.

i have been eating fruit salad lately. every time i eat fruit salad i think about playing fruit salad upset, and breaking my tailbone. i think about that darned mike wegner.

from now on i think i will call fruit salad -- wegner salad.

i buy the frozen chunks of fruit from the freezer section. pineapple, mango, peaches, strawberries, mixed berries. it is cheaper than fresh fruit, and lasts a lot longer. if i forget i bought it, and it sits in the freezer for a couple weeks, it doesn't rot. i can get just a tiny bit out and thaw it, or i can thaw the whole bag. i like frozen fruit. i like frozen veggies too. but that is for another time. today i sprinkled my fruit with some brown sugar and cinnamon. yum. a little like dessert, a little like fruit salad, a lot delicious. i like brown sugar. i think it may be underrated in the sugar category, and it is a great addition to your fruit salad. mike wegner fruit salad. eat some, and be careful playing in strobe lights.

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  1. Axelle14:10

    I'm actuallu making a diet ... And fruits are not allowed at all ... IT'S SO DIFFICULT TO RESIST !!! I think it's the ingredient I miss more ... and cheese ... and french fries... and bread (my God, just a tiny piece of bread) ... AND PASTA... (I'm going to kill someone to eat pasta) ... and, and, and ... NUTELLAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!
    How do you say in english ? "Diet sucks ?..."
    I would die for a spoon of nutella ... a big one ! A HUGE ONE ! ...
    I have to stop ...
    Fruits are delicious ...

  2. I remember your donut cushion!


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