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Rain Drops Twinkle on Blooming Tulips on a Field near <span class=
Rain Drops twinkle on Blooming Tulips on a Field near Freiberg, Germany
Winifried Rothermal

in 4th grade i did a school project on the netherlands. ever since then i have dreamed of traveling to holland and spending time in the fields of tulips. even at 9 years old i knew how idyllic the picture would be, standing in the middle of a vast field of sweet tulips, a windmill slowly circling in the distance.

the closest i got was the amsterdam airport. there were no tulips between my arriving gate, and my departing gate.

they are my favorite flower. they are a simple flower. a colorful flower. they are glowingly beautiful, if you ask me.

next fall, i must remember to plant some bulbs, i would love a yard full of tulips. i may be sidetracked with baby, and breastfeeding, and poopy diapers, and sleep... but i will really try to remember to plant some bulbs. maybe you can remind me? maybe you can come do it for me? no... okay, then i must remember.

Tulips in Holland Art Print
Tulips in Holland
Claude Monet

and someday, i would love to take that trip to the netherlands. i would like to buy some wooden shoes, and rent a bicycle with a basket on the front, and take a picnic lunch of wine and cheese and fresh bread, and ride my bike far into the countryside to the tulip fields, where i would sit and day dream, and write, and think. i might drift off to sleep. i would breathe in the sweet smell of flowers, and i would never want to leave. i would love for my matthew to be by my side, and i would also love to do this by myself. i just want to go. in any way, at any time... i want to go.

i have many dreams, and many ideas, and many thoughts. i want to experience nearly everything, knowing full well i will probably experience none of it. but no matter what the future holds, i will always have the pictures in my mind, the dreams in my head. and the dream is sometimes better than real life.

i am glad i have my dreams. i am glad i have my ideas, i am glad i have these thoughts. without them, life could really be a cold and dark and miserable place. they bring glimpses of light and hope. and i will always have the tulips, for at least a couple of weeks in the spring. another little glimpse of light and hope.
Tulip Bike Art Print
Tulip Bike
Sarka Trager


  1. There's this town in Washington called Mount Vernon. Every April they have a tulip festival. And all you can see for acres upon acres is tulips. It's not Holland, but I'm sure you would love it regardless.

    P.S. I have no idea what the difference between Holland and the Netherlands is, so if my comment is geographically incorrect, I won't be surprised. I will, however, be studying one of my globes in the library.

  2. i was going to tell you to go to see the tulips in la connor, washington. holly beat me too it.

  3. Oh what beautiful pictures you found.
    That blue bike with tulips is so great!!!!

    I would love to see a tulip field some day.

    I have been to Holland Michigan and all the streets are lined with tulips. It's very nice.

  4. That sounds heavenly!

  5. Amanda S.14:39

    You could come to Orange City, IA! They have a tulip festival and it is a big deal. They don't have that many tulips though... They are all just placed around the town ya know? they aren't natural.The town does have a windmill and the band marches in wooden shoes!


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