somedays, controlling...

somedays are filled with sunshine and laughter and smiles and joy.

somedays are filled with rain and pain and tears and hurt.

somedays contain both. the day is kind of confusion.

and somedays just are.

my week has only just begun, and has already been a mish mash of emotion. i feel as if i have felt it all.

i don't know if it is life, or this week, or pregnancy hormones. probably the hormones.

i just don't know...

i spent this weekend working in my house, working in my yard, morphing this place into a livable space. making it ready for a baby.

i had help from my mother. she came and spent all day saturday with me working in the yard, and rearranging my family room, and hanging up pictures and decorations. as the evening wound down, we sat in front of the tv watching hgtv, and eating grilled chicken and salad. we laughed as i tried to figure out what channels were what, and how to work the remote control. "i don't get control of the remote very often." i giggled awkwardly. "i can see that," she replied, rather wide eyed. i don't think she could believe how completely dense i was at using this simple electronic.

and when i saw this picture, i couldn't help but laugh.

this is my life.

and when i saw this, i realized... i may never touch a remote control again. with a baby boy on the way and a husband who loves the remote control, my remote controlling days are numbered.

i am okay with that. electronics are overrated anyway.

and i love my husband, remote control hogging and all... and if our baby boy turns out exactly like his daddy, i would be so lucky to have two of the best men i know in the world, living under my roof. even if that means i never get to touch the remote again.


  1. i don't use the remote much either. in fact, when our men were at matt's bachelor party, i had to call and bother steve to ask how to turn on our playstation. i have no idea. handheld devices are completely beyond me.

  2. you guys have this totally backwards! i get control of the remote. well i must say i trade for the computer, but i'm not a facebook gamer like patrick.

  3. holly, i had to call matthew to find out how to use the grill... we are worthless without our men.

    shelby, no one is quite the facebook gamer patrick is.


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