i have spent the last two weeks oogling baby stuff i will never buy. things that matthew says are a waste of money, and things no baby needs. but things that are fun just the same.

Junkfood Green Bay Packers Newborn Retro T-Shirt - NFLShop.com
like this.
matthew has this exact shirt in a big boy gorwn up size. how cute is this?

Reebok Green Bay Packers Newborn Short Set 2 Pc - NFLShop.com
or this is cute too...

Madras Driving Cap - Infant Boys - RalphLauren.com
hello... i need this.

Multi-Striped Polo Shortall - Layette - RalphLauren.com
too cute. i will take about 6 of these.
different colors and sizes of course.

Striped Oxford - Infant Boys - RalphLauren.com
first easter... he will be wearing this.

baby chucks. must have.

and there are millions of others i could dream about, and i have. i can dream about them, and oogle them, and google them, and then shop at second hand stores and marshalls. because that is what people in the real world do. at least poor people in the real world like us.

but i sure cant wait to dress this little guy. i am sure he will be the cutest baby alive. but a mother always thinks that, doesn't she?


  1. ok, your pictures have convinced me: i need to get pregnant immediately w/a baby boy. i want those shoes and that little ralph lauren polo jumper thing. i have a million ideas of what to get your little man. steve says i have a budget. but i might go behind his back.

  2. yah... babay boy... now.

    budget schmudget.

  3. Hey MS - i got SO.MANY.BABY.CLOTHES on ebay. people sell 'em in lots and they were always gently used or new with tags, and JUST AS CUTE as can be. Just a tip!!! :) and Ezra had that polo with pants that you posted. :)

  4. ohmygoodness those outfits/clothes are SO cute!!! Easy way around not having to buy the stuff you want...put it on the registry. :)

  5. Boys are just as much fun to dress as girls...until they dress themselves! ;) We had those one piece polo rompers and they were my favorite!!! You MUST get that Packers shirt....won't Donna get it for you? That's what Grandmas are for! ;)

  6. oogling and wishing is great, that is how I got some of the best baby shower gifts. Put it out there and you will find that people will know what you want for your baby.

  7. "but a mother always thinks that, doesn't she?"

    And a mother is always right, Melinda (-:

    Those little shoes...those are my weak point. I could have spent hundreds on baby shoes. Hundreds.

    I found GREAT deals at thrift stores, and many much cuter than anything I could have afforded. Baby Boucher will be stylin' on a budget. I just know it.

    Thinking of you all in Mo. tonight. Blessings and prayers!

    from the QLCS

  8. Anonymous18:52

    I loved consignment sales... google consignment sales and I am sure there are some in Omaha for you to shop at... they are seasonal but have AMAZING deals!!!


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