last night...

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Bamboo Chorus
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last night i had a dream.

i dreamt that i was a bird.

i never dreamt that i was an animal before, not that i can remember.

i was a beautiful bird. my feathers were long and shiny, iridescent, glowing. i was a deep royal purple color starting at my head, and my feathers faded to a pale periwinkle, almost baby blue by the tail feathers.

the sun was glowing and glimmering. it was nearly dusk, the sun was high and warm and there was a perfect spring breeze.

i was flying.


floating through the air.

the wind was soft and cool against my face.

the sun warmed my fathers, my soul.

i glided and floated, and was free. and thinking about it now, i can't help but smile.

as i floated along, i realized i wasn't alone.

there was another bird. behind me.

as i craned my neck around to take a glimpse, i knew that this other bird was my baby.

he was little. his feathers were fluffy and light colored. he wasn't gliding nearly as easily as i was. he was struggling, a little lost.

i slowed down, and helped lead him back home. back home to our lofty nest.

where we sat and talked and looked at each other, with our beady little bird eyes.

he yawned and nestled his little furry head and beak into my wing, and quietly began to doze off.

and i was the happiest bird in the world.

i was free and floating and happy and care free.

it was perfection.

and i woke up feeling refreshed, free, joyful, relaxed.

and perplexed. i don't really like birds. their feet and little beady eyes creep me out. and i am afraid of heights. the idea of flying free scares me to death.

despite that, i woke up refreshed and full of joy. ready to live my life as a bird. i was at least ready to life my life feeling like felt in that perfect dream.

but i woke up early, i couldn't sleep anymore. and i went to a desk job where i spent my day trying to decipher east cost accents and trucker lingo. where i worked overtime that i won't get paid for, in a climate controlled room far from the warmth of the sun, or the cool spring breeze.

and i wished i was still in that dream.

and when i came home, matthew and i sat out on our deck, and felt the warmth of the sun, and the cool spring breeze, we grilled chicken, and talked about the excitement of our ultrasound we will have wednesday.

i leaned my head back, and breathed in the evening. this evening that was very much like my bird dream.
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Ricki Mountain


  1. Oh Minders,I love that you dreamed your baby was a boy! I dreamed all my girls long before the determining ultrasound. What a sweet little picture of what your baby will be like! All of the mothers intuition and all :) I love it! Oh and by the way, Stella asked the other day, why Melinda doesn't come over for lunch anymore? And I said, Hmm...I don't know, but we better change that!!

  2. rach, lunch is a must. they changed my unch, i go at 11:30 now. i have had 2 dreams where we had a boy (although in one dream, he was a also bird, so that may not be a good omen.) and one where we had a girl. so... maybe i am having both. no one knows. we will find out tomorrow!

  3. Today.
    You find out today.

    Text immediately.
    Or Call.

    I am so excited!!!!

  4. jennifer10:22

    I am so excited to find out! I had dreams that layla was a girl but I also had dreams she was born with teeth. So creepy! Love you and miss you!

  5. donna, we find out tomorrow... sorry for the confusion, i am a little anxious and jumbled at the moment.

  6. jen, love you. wish you were here with me.

  7. Third time I was pregnant, I dreamed that I gave birth to a penguin. I nursed it and everything. Ew.

    Your dream is way more awesome. What serenity!


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