today is my 199th blog post. just to let you know.

once upon a time, i wanted 8 kids. 6 boys and 2 girls. my dream has scaled back a little over the years. now i want 4. 3 boys and 1 girl. my dream has been cut in half. i might be a little more practical now than i was at age 4 or 8 or 16.

it is still my dream to have a big family. it is our dream, matthew and i. and someday i know that dream will come true. we will have our big family, and it will be exactly like we dreamed, and nothing like we dreamed, each and every day. for now, we have baby number 1 on the way. and our excitement is growing every day.

yesterday we made our way to the doctors office for our 20 week ultrasound. i was anxious, and excited, and bubbling with joy (and the occasional gas bubble, i'm sorry, did you not want to know that?) i checked in and nervously texted matthew over and over, watching out the window for his red truck to pull up. i was so afraid he would miss this very special day. when i saw him pull up i finally sat down and began reading my book. matthew clicked and clacked on my phone, getting the ongoing brewer game updates (what was i thinking scheduling our ultrasound during a brewer game. that is a big conflict of interest for a boy like mine). i think i read the same paragraph 20 times, and matthew sighed at least every 30 seconds, until they called my name. i shot up, faster than lightning. i was ready to meet that sweet baby boy or girl growing inside of me. matthew followed me still clicking and clacking for baseball updates.

the room was dimly lit, and warm. elvis was crooning hymns quietly in the background. our ultrasound tech was cheery and loving. she cracked jokes with us about 4-d ultrasounds, and made us feel very excited and helped to melt all anxiousness away.

that first glimpse of that little baby was incredible. it looked like a real person now, not like the little peanut floating around in the big orb that is my uterus. i could see a face, a profile, a spine. matthew and i stared at the screen as she pressed and pushed at my uterus, and circled the wand around my growing middle. she told us what she saw as it showed on the screen, and matthew asked very educated scientific questions, i would never ask. as she moved form one view to the other i could hear the phone clicking and clacking, still searching for baseball updates. i cleared my throat and turned my head just long enough to give a good stare, and the phone grew quiet again. "i think i see the sex, but the umbilical cord is in the way, it looks like a boy, but i cant be sure." "ohhh..." i whined. i wanted a solid answer... a this is a boy, or this a girl, not a i think its a..." she continued on, probing, and moving, and flashing more pictures on the screen. a foot. the brain. all 4 chambers of the heart. she measured leg bones, and head size, and estimated baby weight. she looked at arms and legs and hands and feet and fingers and toes. then the baby moved. "wait the baby moved, i think its going to give us a good view of the toosh..." we held our breathe as she changed view again, and then it came... "oh yah, no doubt about that, its a boy. you're having a baby boy." we looked at the screen, and i screeched, "its a boy! matthew, its a boy." we wanted a boy. she continued the ultrasound, but we had what we came for. i have the picture to prove it, and it is definitely a boy. the ultrasound tech said something about never seeing such a clear shot before. and as she finished, we were happy as larks. we are having a boy. our dream is coming true.

i dragged matthew to go register for baby stuff, straight from the hospital. we dreamed and talked and forgot a lot of stuff from the registry. we bought baby's first outfit, and went out to dinner to celebrate. i could not stop smiling all night, i don't remember being so happy. our dreams are coming true, and this real. real life is becoming the dream. that doesn't happen very often in my life. where reality matches the dream.

and our love is growing. our love for each other, our love for this little one. we are filled with love, surrounded by love, and ready to lavish love on our baby boy.

so its snips and snails and puppy dog tails for us... exactly how it was meant to be.
A Little Boy Holding a Banana Whilst Other Children Gaze Longingly at It Photographic Print


  1. beautifully written Melinda.

    we could not be happier for you!

    Love you so much and already love baby boucher

  2. Jennifer23:17

    I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet your sweet baby boy!

  3. Yea!!! I'm so happy and excited for you and Matthew!

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  5. Congratulations! Boys are so fun! All the best to you, Matthew and baby B.


  6. Congrats!!! First born sons are the bees knees; I know because I have one! Thanks for sharing your experience. God bless and grow the love in your family!


  7. Congrats! A boy :) I love boys :)

    I have an amazing 13 year old boy! Boys are the BEST!

    Love to all of you!

  8. Yeah!!! Boys are so much fun!! Congrats!

  9. Axelle the french reader14:24

    Congratulations, Melinda Sue ! I'm happy for you, if you're happy !!Boy or girl, no matter (in my opinion), the importance is to know that he's healthy !!
    I had the exact same thoughts during my "first meeting" with my first child too (a boy ;-)), it was not a peanut anymore ;DD.
    He was a real human !! It was incredible.
    I don't know in states, but in france, la "Securité Sociale" pay for us 3 ultrasounds visits : At 3 monthes, 5 monthes and 8 monthes. We can have more ultrasound, of course. But those 3 are obligatory. The second one ... you'll see ... It's much more incredible, if possible !!
    I'm happy for you and Matthew.
    Have a good day !

  10. now that he's no longer an "it," he can hurry up and get here! It's a boy! oh boy, oh boy!

  11. Yay!! So happy for you guys. :)

  12. AMANDA21:18

    That's awesome!

  13. Anonymous11:50

    Oh, Melinda Sue. I am so thrilled for you guys. A boy... (((sigh))). They are a true joy. My boy just turned 13 a couple of weeks ago. He is such a delight, and completely different than my daughter. Congratulations to you and Matthew.


  14. Congrats on having a boy - how exciting!

    And I know exactly what you mean about childhood dreams. When I was little I wanted to have 12 kids, now I'm more prepared to just see how a couple are, then make decisions!

  15. Melinda Sue, I am so happy for you!! My daughter is having our first grandchild, also a boy, early June, so I can understand your excitement!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful account of finding out the sex of your baby!!


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