oscar fever...

remember this post about how much i love award season. and last night was the big .a it was the big night, the biggest night of award season. and i nearly forgot it. this baby is stealing my brain.

mom and jesse came into town after church, jesse wanted to go to the humane society. he was looking for a dog. he found one, after about 4 hours. it was a zoo there... and i don't mean because of the cats and the dogs and rodents and reptiles. there were a billion people at the humane society. after he found a great dog, mom and i wanted to go to kohls to use her extra 30% off coupon before it expired. so, we went to kohls. when i called matthew at 6:30 to ask him what size underwear he needed, he says to me... "you know you're missing the red carpet." "WHAT? oh.my.gosh. i forgot." click, hang up quick. "mom, we have to go... i am missing the oscars. I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM MISSING THE OSCARS. this is my favorite day." we raced through the checkout and i sped the whole way home, so i wouldn't miss a moment. but, i missed the whole red carpet. what the heck? i swear i have no memory. this baby is stealing all my brain power. and all the water in my body. i am brainless and totally parched, all the time.

i was very excited to see steve martin and alec baldwin. i really like them both. they were okay. the opening number with doogie howser (he will always be doogie howser in my book) was a snore. i thought the gaudy set was pretty and sparkly and i loved the moving staircase. steve and alec's opening jokes were pretty funny... alec and steve were good together. ben stiller, really not funny.

i felt awkward with james cameron and katherine bigelow sitting right by each other. did anyone else feel awkward? or was that just me. couldn't they have sat them further apart, or did they do that for jokes and giggles. i felt funny for them.

i was thrilled that james cameron and avatar didn't win either of the big spots. great special effects doesn't mean it was a great movie. thrilled. i was cheering. and i didn't even see the hurt locker, and i don't care much about women winning things, like other girls do. i just did. not. want. to. see. avatar. win.

i haven't yet seen many of the movies. we don't venture to the theater very often. we wait for netflix, it's much cheaper. i don't know if jeff bridges deserved it, but people sure love him. people love him the most in the big lebowski, but you can't give someone an oscar for playing the dude. i would have loved to see colin firth win. i love colin firth. i did not see the blindside, i don't know how sandra bullock did, and i think she herself was shocked that she won, or was even nominated. i do love her as a person, and her winning led to my favorite moment of the night.

the highlight of my night was sandra bullock and jesse james. they are my favorite hollywood couple, because they aren't really a hollywood couple. they are kind of normal people. they are very private, and don't flaunt their relationship. they live outside of the limelight, they stay put of the tabloids. he is one of the kindest, most tender hearted men around, don't let the tattoos and motorcycles fool you. and she is real. she loves food, and family, and people, and gives a lot of herself to many charities. you don't hear about it, because she doesn't often flaunt it. as sean penn read off the nominees for best actress, you can see jesse watch her, completely adoring, so proud, and you can see his lips whisper "i love you". as they announce her name, he leans over and whispers something in her ear, and he cries as she gives her acceptance speech. she was eloquent and honest and funny, and she gave exactly the kind of speech i would hope to give if i won the oscar.
you really need to watch it.

but enough of this... on to the dresses... i can't believe i missed the red carpet... dumb, dumb, dumb.

i loved this dress on demi moore. she is not my favorite, but this dress.... i think it was my favorite of the night.

i often like miley cyrus's dresses. but i think she dresses far too old. she is only 17. this doesn't look like a 17 year olds dress. she looks pretty and elegant, and old. as long as she doesn't open her mouth.

i liked camerons dress. i dislike her so much, for some unexplainable reason, that i usually find it hard to like anything about her. but this dress is very pretty.

vera farmigas dress was ruffly and girly and beautiful.

much improved tina fey. i liked this simple black.

mariska hargitay is beautiful. her dress was my favorite black dress.

i like rachel mcadams. and i loved this dress. she looked great. matthew said, "is that the girl from mean girls? she looks good. sometimes she looks bad." he is the ultimate fashion critic.

helen mirren always looks classy and elegant and beautiful.

maybe next year, when i get my brain back, i won't forget my favorite night. maybe next year when i have a baby in my arms instead of my womb, the oscars won't matter to me. maybe i will be so busy, i nearly forget them the same as i did last night. or maybe i will put the baby to bed early so i can watch them in peace. i don't know... i guess we will have to wait and see.


  1. maybe you won't care about the oscars once your baby is born? blasphemy.

    that was very sweet of matthew to remind you about the red carpet.

    i love demi moore's dress. the way you feel about cameron diaz is the way i feel about drew barrymore. odd, because i think they're best friends.

    steve loves jeff bridges and mostly from the big lebowski, but he watches all of his stuff because he has a man crush on him in a completely adoration and not attraction kind of way.

  2. The Dude seems like a lovely man, Holly. Worthy of a man crush.

    I loved the bottom of Miley's dress and hated the top.
    And I absolutely HATE when that dopey girl speaks. Ph her voice is as bad as Rachel Rays :o)

  3. holly, blasphemy and highly unlikely.

    donna, agreed. i can't stand to hear her talk.

  4. I think you found better pictures :o)

  5. I'm glad you put Tina Fey up there. Usually she looks like a "I'm supposed to be funny & smart, not cute girl" and wears something stupid, but she actually wore a nice dress for once.

    Crazy Heart was pretty good. I didn't see any of the other movies, so I can't really judge the performances, but I will say Jeff Bridges performance was definitely what the Oscar Voters are looking for. I do feel though it was like him playing "the Dude" again, except more drunk.

  6. Anonymous16:35

    I completely agree about Avatar. I did see Hurt Locker, and it was a good movie but not the type to make it to my favorite list. I was so glad James Cameron didn't win. I felt his movie was very offensive to our military.

    I agree with you on the Sandra Bullock thing too she's definitely a fave of mine.

    Glad you enjoyed the show!

  7. Anonymous20:41

    How can you not love Jeff Bridges...His mother-in-law loves him.



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