more than nuggets and bacon...

i have talked about craving chicken nuggets and blt's. but that is not all i am eating...

these are totally yummy...

you just add milk and put it in the blender. it makes two servings, but it fits in one glass... i am not gonna lie, i eat the whole thing.

a full serving of fruit, lowfat dairy... delicious.

and i can not get enough of these...

i swear the lime ones taste like margarita... but i haven't had a margarita in awhile. i could do without the wild berry. i wish i could buy a box of just strawberry and lime ones.

if i knew how to pick out a ripe pineapple... i would eat one a day.

but i don't. and don't even get me started about trying to cut one, i feel like i waste the whole thing. but i would die for some fresh pineapple.

this dressing...
oh my gosh. you have to try it. this dressing makes me want to eat salad every meal.

i ate this in europe at least twice a week...

we were trying to decided where to eat out last weekend... i told matthew i would go wherever had a tomato and mozzarella salad. we couldn't find one. we ate olive garden instead.

i make this at home, and want to eat it constantly.

i am not just eating bacon and chicken nuggets... just so you know.


  1. when i worked at the keg we made a salad that looked just like that - but i don't think it was mozzarella, i think it was onion. i just looked online at their menu and it doesn't look like they serve it anymore. oh well, it was onion anyway.

  2. slicing a pineapple isn't that hard you just have to use a big enough knife. you cut off the top, then slice down to get the pokey skin off. actually they sell portions of already sliced pineapple at hy-vee. as far as buying a whole one it just has to have a bright yellow-gold skin because once they're picked they don't ripen.

  3. oh and you can get that at le solo mio.

  4. shelby, i always want to buy the already cut up chunks, but they are like 5$ for 6 little chunks. i splurge and buy them anyway sometimes... i love pineapple.

  5. Pampered Chef makes a pineapple cutter! I don't sell PC and I have not used it but it looks cool and their stuff usually does what it says it will. You could probably find one on Ebay if you don't know a consultant. I always craved stuff that was so bad for me! It's good you're craving fruits and veggies!

  6. MS, I live on caprese salads all summer long. panera used to make a glorious one - don't know if the still do. When I can find the fresh mozz on sale i stock up and eat it with my dad's homegrown tomatoes, drizzled with evoo and fresh basil, sometimes a tiny bit of minced red onion. OH MY. i had it the very first time at a restaurant in Warsaw on the way home from Belarus, so I totally relate to your Eastern Euro love for it. :)


  7. she who must be obeyed, i am craving plenty of unhealthy food as well. mcdonalds chicken nuggets to be exact. i want to eat them everyday (but i restrain)

  8. Axelle the french reader11:38

    Mmmmhhhh, tomatoes and mozzarella ... our favorite plate in summer ... with a white wine ... sweet ...
    and french fries,
    grilled steack or sausages or merguez,
    salad of goat cheese,

    MMMMMMHHHHH !!! I'm hungry ...

  9. Anonymous11:23

    I can vouch for Pampered Chef's pineapple cutter. It works great -- except my husband has to do it. Need some strength but it delivers.

  10. I love Pampered Chef and will have to get one of those! I Googled how to pick and cut a fresh pineapple and the video said,to check the ripeness,pick a leaf out of the very middle and if it comes out easily it's ripe! For cutting it,they said to put it in the fridge for 1/2 an hour~upside down! Then cut the top off and down the sides! It's not hard,just seems like it before you've done it!


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