so sleepy...

the massive amounts of sleep my body is requiring of me to grow this little baby, is seriously getting in the way of my blogging schedule. last night i feel asleep on the couch at 8:30. dead to to world. matthew was watching a basketball game and whooping and hollering... i didn't hear a peep. at 10:15 when he woke me up so i could drag my lazy butt to the bedroom, he says "bad news melinda, wisconsin lost." i mumbled something unrecognizable, along the lines of "i don't give a rat's rear..." and dragged myself up the stairs and into my bed. where, aside from the two middle of the night bathroom breaks, i slept like a log, until matthew forced me out of bed at 6am (a half hour later than i should wake up) you would think with sleep like that i would feel energized and refreshed this morning... i am not. my eyes feel swollen and heavy, and my body tired and weak. all the books say my energy will return any day now... i am patiently awaiting that moment. or not so patiently as the case may be.

so, let's do a friday 5... of sorts...

1. what was the worst part of pregnancy for you? or what are you most dreading when you are pregnant?

2. what was the best part of pregnancy for you? or what are you most looking forward to when you are pregnant?

3. how did you decide on baby names? was it hard for you and your significant other to agree on names?

4. how far along where you when, you first felt the baby move?

5. did you want a boy or girl? did you have a hunch that it was either a boy or a girl? what did you end up with?

i'll answer in the comments.

happy friday folks...


  1. 1. so far, i have not been sick... but so tired i can barely function. my brain also seems to have left my body... so far that is the worst.

    2. i can not wait to feel the baby, and i can not wait to find out of this little baby is a little guy or a little gal.

    3. i name off names, and matthew vetos. we have been paracticing this since we were dating. we have two names. a boy name, and a girl name. i will share them later...

    4. haven't felt it yet... i am waiting.

    5. we would love a boy first. we want 3 or 4, and think everyone needs to have a big brother. i think it is a girl. everyone i know refers to baby as "she" and "her" subconsciously.

  2. i would suggest keeping your baby names to yourself otherwise people will give their opinions and then you won't like them. i'm sure matthew can think of all possible bad nicknames that can come from them. ( if he can't i know patrick can)

  3. Worst part: Mostly it was situational. I was young, pregnant, alone & scared. Thirteen years later, I'm older, not pregnant, married (and sometimes scared:)

    Best part: I knew that this child was going to change my life. I actually loved the physical aspect of growing a baby in my belly...

    Baby names: I had a list of baby names since the age of 16 (I nannied alot - and children were my life). A few days before my son arrived - I decided on a different name. A strong, Old Testament Biblical name...

    I knew I would have a boy. All my dolls as a child were boys, and I am a tom-boy myself.

    I hope you continue to stay well, and I'll pray for energy for you & baby :)

  4. Axelle the french reader15:42

    Hello Melinda, reading at you makes me live again my two pregnancies and that's a very good thing, thank you.
    I'm going to try to answer :
    1°)For my first child (my boy), everything was GREAT, I was jumping everywhere, I was full of energy, so I'll say that there was nothing bad. For my babygirl, my second, the first 3 monthes, I was SICK and TIRED ! I went to visit friends in Paris and all I remember from this trip, is the train's toilets !!! ... I let you imagine the train's toilets ...sorry ...
    2°) For my son, the firts time I felt him move. I undertsand that you're impatient because, you'll see... that's unbelievable... when you'll succeed to make the difference between a move of your stomach and a move of your baby !!;)
    And for my girl, it was the day we've learn she was a girl.
    3°)For my son, WHAT A COMPLICATED THING !! My husband and I did never agree !! One month before the birth, we didn't have choose !! I was desepareted !! I was ready to use a hat, to put sheet in it with several names and to let the "hasard" decide for us ! And one night, I woke up suddenly, I woke up my husband saying : "Léo ! We'll call him Léo !"... My husband was tired, sleeping, he told :"GRHMMHmmmhyeshemrhh..." ! THAT'S DONE !! The day after, he coulnd't say no !!
    And for my girl, he wanted Marie. I wanted Lou. Her name is Marie Lou.
    4°)I felt Léo, FOR SURE, I was pregnant of 4 monthes. But for Marie Lou, as I knew the feeling, I was prengnant of 2 monthes.
    5°) My firts baby, I didn't care if it was a boy or a girl. I wanted him to be safe. For teh second one, I had the chance to have the opposite, a girl, and we were really really happy to have both of them.
    Today, I would like to have a third one ... My husband bought me a red fish ... Message ??;-))

  5. worst part of pregnancy: all of it - six chins, swollen feet, acne, stretch marks, maneuvering w/your giant belly, puking every three minutes.

    best part of pregnancy: the end!

    i hope you enjoy pregnancy more than i did. and now i'm sure you see why steve and i haven't reproduced yet.

  6. Anonymous15:49

    Worst part: sickness for SURE. My 2nd and 3rd pregnancies were the easiest as far as sickness, but my first and fourth was the worst; the fourth the worst BY FAR. UGH. It led me to get my tubes tied after my fourth was born, a decision I completely regret now.

    Best part: feeling your baby move. It's such an awe inspiring experience. It's truly amazing! It makes the whole thing seem more real too, instead of just thinking you're sick exhausted and gaining weight for nothing haha

    Names: I took the naming process very seriously. I pretty much informed my husband that it was only right if I should have the bigger say in name choices, since I was doing all the hard stuff. I prayed about names a lot. I never had a list. Just one boy name and one girl name. I was 18 when my son was born, and thank the Lord he was a boy because my girl name was Shadoe. hahaha! I wanted to call her Shady for short. OH.MY.WORD. We kept the names a secret from everyone for the duration of my pregnancies.

    Movement: I was about 3 1/2 months pregnant when I first felt the fluttery movements of our son. I think that's a little early...I was super skinny when I got pregnant with him and I've read that makes it easier to feel the movements for some reason. With subsequent pregnancies it was more like 4 1/2 months.

    Hunch: I was convinced I was having a boy with all of my pregnancies, and I was only right the first out of four times. We never found out the s*x ahead of time. (not sure what kind of filter you have on here, hence the *)

    I'm sorry you're so're doing the right thing: Sleeping. Sleep whenever you can as much as you can! Hopefully before long you'll be one of those annoying peppy bubbly pregnant women I always envied while my face was literally green. :)

  7. The only "friday five" I have ever done:

    1. My first pregnancy, it was the sickness. It lasted 7 months. It was not morning sickness. I threw up all day and all night for 7 months. I didn't even gain weight until I was 6 months pregnant. It was awful. I remember everyone telling me to eat saltine crackers and I couldn't even put them in my mouth without throwing up. Finally I discovered that I could eat a pringle. One pringle at a time. I have never been able to eat Pringles since then because they remind me of being so horribly sick. Second pregnancy the sickness wasn't as bad and didn't last as long.

    2.The best part.. I would say just knowing you're pregnant and feeling that baby inside. It's so awesome.

    3.First one.. a boy.. we could not decide on a name at all. We had a list of about three possibilities. He was born and he was unnamed. We literally could not decide what to call him. I was in the bathroom in the hospital the day after he was born and the social security lady came in to find out his name so she could get the social security card, and my husband just picked a name. He is a better decision maker than I am :) The second one, a girl, I just KNEW her name. I dreamed and dreamed about her before I became pregnant and her name was in those dreams. That made it easy!

    4. I remember exactly with my first one, I was 14 weeks pregnant. This was super early and my obgyn said I wasn't really feeling the movements, but I was. It felt like little bubbles moving in your stomach. She said it was gas. It was the same feeling later, only stronger, when he was strong enough to actually kick. And then, the really cool creepy part, when you're lying down when you're REALLY pregnant, and you watch your belly moving around. Wow! I remember lying in the bath tub with my first pregnancy and watching an elbow poking through my skin, it is so creepy and so cool!

    5. The first one I wanted a boy FOR SURE. It HAD to be a boy. I was convinced I would NEVER get pregnant again (I was so sick!) and my husband wanted his son.. so I just felt it HAD to be a boy. It would be too cruel not to be. Luckily, at 17 weeks, we had our first ultrasound.. and it was a boy! So so relieved. Then of course, with the second one, I knew it would be a girl, I had been dreaming about her after all! :) (The ultrasounds for her did not show her gender until I was 36 wks along, but I knew.)

    I remember being tired too. And then, much later, you'll have huge bursts of energy. Just wait. :) Good luck with everything, I hope you enjoy it! It's so easy to be miserable while you're pregnant, then it's over and you miss it so much.

  8. Anonymous21:01

    1. Worst? the mind-numbing, shocking, never-ending fatigue. It's how I suspected I was pregnant the first time, and knew I was pregnant the second and third.

    2. Best? Maternity clothes. Yoga pants. Sweatshirts. I'm a big girl, and I loved having an excuse to wear big and baggy clothes. And both times I carried pregnancies to term, I ended up close to 20 pounds lighter at delivery than I was at conception.. [my husband would say, 'parasite.' it was funny.. and wonderful.] AND, after the babies were born I lost another 20 pounds with zero effort and without nursing. Let's just say that it hasn't been as easy since then. Wish I could have kept those pounds off. sigh.

    3. Names- my kids all have 3 names before our last name. Our oldest son is adopted, was already named with a first name and middle name [he was almost 3] so we added a third name to honor my husband's dad, and the three-name thing stuck for all of our kids. the boys are named things that we love - we're anglophiles, so they're all very hoity-toity :) - and our daughter's first 2 names are our respective grandmothers, and her third name [the one she's called] is a city in Wales whose name we love. simple, right? :) We wanted 'interesting' and 'unique' without being 'weird'.

    4. Move? i don't remember. 4-5 months, I think. But I agree with the comment above. For a very long time the child will shift one side or the other and literally change your center of gravity. strong little boogers!

    5. No hunches. just great ultrasounds. :) We have 2 adopted sons, one bio daughter, and one bio son. it's pretty dang great.

    Been praying for you every morning when I pray for all my pregnant friends. :) you made the list! ;)


  9. Anonymous21:02

    ps - the names that i always dreamed i'd name my kids are NOT what they have been named. I'm kinda glad, because those names are so deeply rooted in my past that i'm kinda glad that we didn't choose them, you know?

  10. 1- Worst: The fatigue. Our OB was a world class perinatologist, and being a very smart man. I assumed he'd have the Rx to the all-consuming exhaustion I was feeling with our first child. I asked him, "WHEN will I move beyond the exhaustion?" He looked me in the eye and said, "When your youngest child graduates from college and secures a paying job." Of course I laughed...little did I realize he was right on target. And btw...I asked the question of him nearly twenty-four years ago...and our youngest is five...and to answer the obvious....yes, I'm still exhausted.

    2- The Best: The conversation I and our children had before they arrived. Going for a long walk...just me and the little boo...or being up late at night...or riding in the car...knowing that I had the guilty pleasure of having the little one all to myself for just the shortest of times...and loving every second of it. Close behine is maternity clothes...NOTHING will ever be as comfortable as maternity clothes.

    3- Our children are all named for relatives who perished in the Holocaust. Because I had the honor of carrying our children...My sweet husband had complete control over names.

    4- always between 14 and 16 weeks

    5-We have three sons, and six daughters. I never had a hunch...nor did we ever wish for one over the other. Having said that we have a pattern BOY-girl-girl-BOY-girl-girl-BOY-girl-girl

  11. PS I also would not share the names. It's amazing the comments people will make if they know in if, their comments would sway rather than simply hurt. Been there, had that happen.

  12. Sarah Anne12:42

    The worst part was having to go potty every 30 minutes, especially at night. And I had heartburn all the time.

    Best was feeling the baby which wasn't until a couple months with the first, but as early at 10 weeks with the 2nd and 3rd :) Plus, it was nice being able to eat a little extra food :)

    I had names picked out forever ... although it took us a few months to figure out Shannon. When you have a big family on both sides, it's hard to find a name that's not already used.

    We have 3 little girls, although I thought Shannon might have been a boy ... maybe a boy next (nope, not pregnant ... yet).

    Love you! I am sooo excited for you!

  13. Jennifer10:38

    I'm a little late but I thought I would join in...
    1)The worst part was the swelling, and the 75lbs I gained to be specific. I retain water just looking at salty food.
    2)The best part was feeling her move and the anticipation of seeing her.
    3)We had a very hard time picking a name. We would think of one and then I would think of all the things that rhyme with it or how weird it sounds when you say it over and over. We found the name Layla in a book, about 4 days after my due date and I really wanted to use my mom's name for her middle name.
    4)I want to say 5 months maybe. I thought something was wrong with me because everyone was telling me I should be feeling it already. I guess I'm not very in touch with my body!
    5)Girl. I knew she was girl. I wouldn't have believed the ultrasound tech if she had told me anything different.

    I'm so excited for you. I see that Sarah isn't pregnant...yet. :) I guess I'll sit this round out too!

  14. Late to the party but always plenty to say (-:

    Worst: I miscarried my first baby, so the hardest thing for me was worry. A close second was the feeling that every ounce of energy I had was dripping out of my appendages. Tired is the wrong word. Hit with a truck isn't strong enough.
    Best: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, seeing a profile on the ultrasound, actually seeing a little foot push my belly out..amazing.
    Names: My husband teaches 8th grade. There are dozens of names that were on his "ratty kids" name list. His other requirement: boy names had to sound good for an author OR a shortstop. Don't ask me why those two things...I just went with it.
    Baby moving: Don't remember when, but it is the best thing in the world.
    I wanted a boy because I was such a naughty little girl. We have five now: girl, boy, boy, girl, boy. I like 'em all. None are nearly as naughty as me...I think I probably just needed more supervision (-:

    Hang in there!!



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