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one of my favorite shows on tv right now... cake boss, on tlc. do you guys watch cake boss? we love it, it is one of the few shows we both like to watch. we love buddy. we love carlo's bake shop. we love cake boss.

it chronicles buddy valastro and his mammoth italian family. buddy runs carlo's bake shop, a bakery in hoboken, nj that has been open since 1910. buddy watched and learned from his dad for years, and at age 17 when buddy's dad passed away, he stepped up to become the cake boss. the whole family helps run the shop. buddy's mom says she is still the boss, buddy is just the cake boss. his 4 sisters, his brother in law's, cousins and nephews, and family of all sorts help him run the bakery to perfection.

he is very known in bakery world, his cakes are featured in wedding magazines all the time, he is very talented and very coveted. he is also a big joker... they are always playing pranks on each other. he is annoyed by his loud mouth sister (who, while she is a loud mouth, is kind of funny if you ask me), and can't stand it when people don't do their job right.

this show makes me wish i was italian, makes me wish i had a huge italian family. it makes me wish i knew how to bake. it makes me wish matthew's dad still ran the small town family bakery. i feel like i missed the biggest part of matthew's life, not being a part of the family bakery, i so wish i could have experienced it once.

today i wondered to matthew if carlo's bakery would ship us a cake. i don't even really like cake or any dessert for that matter, but i think i might like a carlo's bakery cake. we checked. they don't ship cakes. boo... so we looked up to see where carlo's bakery is. carlo's is in hoboken, new jersey, it is right across the river from new york city, greenwich village to be exact.

"matthew, some day, when we go to new york, i want to go to carlo's bakery. i really want to go to new york, and i really want to go to carlo's bakery." "okay, babe" was his reply. no "melinda you are nuts, we are never going to actually take a vacation to new york." no "melinda. if we go to new york, we aren't going to spend our day in new jersey going to a bakery." no "melinda, you don't even like dessert, did you forget?" nope, none of that. he would never interfere with something i really wanted. he loves me to much. he will try to give me all my dreams. and that is just part of the reason i love him.

and someday, i will get to eat a carlos bakery crumb cake, and cream puff, and lobster tail. and of course a devils food cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and fresh raspberries. and i would maybe try a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting too. and i want to meet buddy, and his mom, and everyone. and i want to ask them to adopt me into their italian family. i always wanted to be in a great big italian family.

someday when i get to carlo's bakery i will be overjoyed. until that day... i will continue to watch cake boss... and i might beg matthew to buy me one of these... how cute is that?

that might hold me over, until i can get there for the reals...


  1. I must admit, I'm more of an Ace of Cakes fan.

    PS: I love that I'm one of your linked peeps on the side. Makes me happy! Thanks!

  2. gina07:12

    I live in NY, and one day - when I take that daytrip to Hoboken - I'll try and ship you something :)

    We love cake boss in our home too :)
    Reminds me of the big Italian family of my past :)

  3. you are so funny.

    you married a baker's son.

    i know so many people who love cake boss.

    you need that sweatshirt

  4. "he is annoyed by his loud mouth sister (who, while she is a loud mouth, is kind of funny if you ask me)"

    That sounds all too familiar! When you go....do you think I could tag along?

  5. i'd rather have the dessert than the sweatshirt. that is sweet of matthew - we will really have to go to NYC one of these days. we've dreamed of it long enough.

  6. Karen F.09:22

    I watch it all the time. Buddy is such a big loveable Goomba! It's funny to watch the family dynamics, Dr. Phil would have a field day with them.

    They're loud, they're nuts but it works for them. Did you see the one where the witchy bride wanted more color on her cake, so she took his frosting tubes and ruined the beautiful cake he'd made for her, and then was good enough to make a 2nd cake for her and she didn't even acknowledge it or come and see it when he brought it to her? WOWZIE!

    Thanks for the fun post!


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