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i am an avid snow eater. i have been eating snow for as long as i can remember. now, i know some of you just gagged, seriously gagged. and some of you might be so freaked out that you will never come back to this little blog again.

but i am not ashamed. i eat snow. it is delicious. it is one of the few highlights of the ice cold winter.

since i was a little girl i would walk outside under the dim light of winter, with beautiful glowing snow crystals falling from the sky, and i would stick out my tongue as far as it could reach, and i would chase around those falling flakes, trying desperately to catch a few fresh clean flakes.

now i have to be a little more delicate... it isn't exactly proper for a 26 year old girl to go around sticking out her gene simmons-esqu tongue while walking into buildings and down streets. no, now i slyly snitch a pinch off a bush and quickly stick it in my mouth when no one is watching. ahh... yes... snow.

on the first snow of the year my mom would always have a crock pot of chili waiting for us when we got home. and for dessert... what else? snow. my mom would always make snow ice cream. she ate it growing up when it snowed. my grandpa made it, and they all loved it, and we all love it still. yuuuummmmm...

my mother doesn't have a recipe printed out, or written down, or scribble don a napkin. we like to wing it. i never use actual measurements when cooking, or icing as the case my be. because i am lazy, and i don't get them. this is a very frustrating thing about me. if i make a really great dinner one night, we will never be able to eat it the same again. it will taste a little different the next time i make it. my pinches and dashes and this and that make it impossible to duplicate a recipe. but let me try to tell you the magic of snow ice cream. because it is delicious and everyone needs to try it at least once in their life.

so... onto the snow ice cream recipe.

first, you need snow. lots of freshly fallen snow, only the top layer gently taken of and put into a large bowl. (for the love of all that is good and holy, make sure it is clean snow. and fresh. this has the be day 1 snow.)

in a second bowl mix equal parts milk and cream. (approximately 3-4 cups combined?) add to that a dash of pure vanilla extract(not too much, it will taste like vanilla extract, a little boozy tasting. not too little, it will taste like cream). then i use about a 1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk (also known as the sweet nectar of the gods... oh my.), add to that a couple handfulls of sugar. mix well. now i add and pinch and dish and dash until this tastes like a bit of heaven. you want it to be creamy, very sweet, and a little strong. because we are going to dilute this. now, this next ingredient people are going to freak out about. and please... i am begging you. don't freak out. i eat this all the time, and i never get sick. add 3 large whisked eggs to the heavenly cream mixture. whisk whisk whisk. mix well.

slowly start to add large spoonfulls of snow to the cream. mixing in a little bit at a time. keep adding until the consistency is thick, and almost ice cream like. (it will never really ice cream consistency, because snow is just water, it melts quickly. it will be more like runny soft serve) mix it up, cover it, and put it in the freezer for at least an hour so it can set up a little bit.

take out of freezer, mix and mash and twirl and swirl. spoon into small bowls, and eat it up. you will not be disappointed. it is very rich. you do not need a lot. this recipe could easily be enough for 6 people.

i think next time it snows i will try snow margaritas. margarita mix + snow + straw = yum. make it cranberry margarita mix, add a sprig of holly and it is the perfect holiday part drink.

now, go, be a child again. eat some snow.


  1. Jennifer00:10

    Oh I love snow ice cream!! Rich thought I was crazy the first time I told him I was going to make it. I'm pretty sure he thought I was making it up, but he loved it!
    I never have all of that stuff when I am snowed in, so sometimes I use a vanilla pudding mix instead. It works pretty well too! Love you Melinda!

  2. i used to eat snow all the time- especially when skiing. but that sounds seriously nasty. i don't eat uncooked eggs. not even raw cookie dough eeww.

  3. raw egg eaters unite! maybe for all the others...egg beaters (pasteurized eggs)... wish i lived where is snowed even just a little bit.

  4. Anonymous03:13

    I haven't lived in a place where it snows in 25 years, but when I was a little girl in Boston, I used to eat snow all the time. Once I brought a pan of it in the house because I wanted to make the maple candy like the did in one of the Little House books. It was a depressing failure with my pancake syrup, but someday I will try it again.

  5. jenn, that is the beauty of snow ice cream. you can just make it up, sue whatever you have. i don't even know if that recipe i use is the real recipe... wish i was eating snow ice cream with you :)

  6. shelby, how much you miss... no snow ice cream, no cookie dough, no brownie batter, no cake batter, no sweet roll dough, no egg nog... i like baked goods better in the raw form. love cookie dough, but not cookies. licking the beaters full of cake batter is delicious, cake is not so great.

  7. egg nog!? barf!!!

  8. Cookie dough is one of my favorites. I think I'm going to try the "Rocky" remember....drinking raw eggs...Dad tried it once....the eggs came right back out...Hahaha. How seriously deprived a child must be to not enjoy raw cookie dough...

  9. courtney and denise... i wish i lived where it doesn't snow. i am jealous of your sunshine and no ice.

  10. Anonymous20:57

    I have never heard of snow ice cream. I cannot wait to try it!

    I despise egg nog. But I could live on raw cookie dough. but not the fancy stuff. Just plain old Toll House cookie dough. With extra chocolate chips thrown in. Just because they're there.

    I will make snow ice cream.... when the next snow falls. the 18 inches we got 2 days ago just won't do. :)

    Loving you from Wisco.


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