driving, weather, clothes...

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by Max Ponty

tomorrow matthew and i drive to wisconsin for the holiday.

i love driving on long trips with my matthew.

just us, and the road. our hopes and dreams and fears can spill out freely, we sing at the top of our lungs, and laugh, and talk, and and i sleep. we only fight a little. about turning on your signal to change lanes, and about the am radio.

we always seem to have bad weather when we take long trips. on our honeymoon we drove to san antonio, texas. the trip down was lovely. the trip back was another story. it dumped rain almost the entire 16 hour drive home. kansas and oklahoma were flooded, the exit ramps were invisible under rivers and lakes. last winter we drove to wisconsin 3 times. it was snowing every time. 2 thanksgivings ago, we had to stop 2 1/2 hours from destination to stay in a hotel. we couldn't take the stop and go and the freezing rain anymore.

i am praying for good weather tomorrow. so our fighting stays at a minimum, and our undivided attention with each other can be reveled in.

and i am so happy to be going to spend thanksgiving with matthew's family, with my family. they are the best in laws anyone could hope for... and i am so blessed. i love being with them, i love being home. and it is home, no matter how many hundreds of miles it is from my home... it is home. they are my home.

i am taking with me on this trip, several new pieces of clothing. i was serious about taking care of myself, to make myself feel better. i bought several new clothing items, and it is amazing what a difference jeans and a blousy top can make, against sweats and ragged t-shirts.

girls, listen to me when i tell you. take your sweats off, and put on some cute clothes that make you look good. at least put on a pair of pants without an elastic waist and shirt without a hole in it. put on your heels or your sassy boots, do your hair, and curl your lashes... because you will feel like a completely different person. and you will carry yourself like a new person. and you will change from the outside, in, back out again.

and that's all i have to say about that (in my best forrest gump impression)

i may or may not be around for the next few days, i will blog if i can find the time, but i don't get to spend much time with my sister in law's... so don't hold your breathe (as if anyone is holding their breathe to read my blog, who am i kidding?)

so, if i don't see you before...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! find something to be thankful for this week. there are hundreds of things everywhere.

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  1. Anonymous22:35

    Have a safe and fabulous trip and a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Anonymous23:14

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels. Hurry back -- will miss your blog -- love it.

  3. Sarah Anne04:55

    I can't wait to see you when you get back to Omaha! Have fun! Love you!

  4. oh sarah, i can't wait to see you either. last time i saw you, you were a brand new mom with an infant. and now you are a seasoned veteran with 3! love you!

  5. gina08:00

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  6. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll bet Donna and Katie are so excited to you are coming.

  7. when do you come back? because we need a repeat of the asti. i'm a fan of that. enjoy your stay in WI!


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