stealing internet

since closing on our first home on wednesday, we have been stealing internet from various neighbors.

this works fine for matthew to check sports scores, and read sport stories, and watch football scores change by the minute.

it does not work fine to blog. i have tried twice. it simply does not work. calling the internet guy just moved up a few spots on the list, right after painting the blue black and red wood work, ripping out the built in in the basement, and painting the hunter green sponge painted walls.

so it may be awhile before we have working internet.

i will blog when i can. in between scrubbing paint off of every inch of my dry chapped skin, and hauling boxes into the garage. and as soon as i can... there will be pictures. pictures til you want to poke your eyes out while screaming... "MELINDA. WE. DO. NOT. CARE." but i will post them anyway. because this is my life. and this is my blog.

we are working away. making our first house our home, and i hope all is blessed and well with all of you! thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and well wishes. you all are the bestest ever!

"Peace- that was the other name for home."
Kathleen Norris

"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
Jane Austen


  1. Patrick13:12

    I was stealing internet from a neighbor here in California for a month or so, then it would go out and I'd consider actually getting it, then I stole it for another month or so when my co-worker said "why don't you just get the internet?" I said I'm trying to save money and all I really do is check email/play games/check sports scores, etc. Then he tells me "work reimburses you for the internet because it is necessary for your job." Gee, wouldn't that have been nice to know when I got hired.

  2. I'm an internet swiper too. I thank my neighbors and call them by name belkin54g, Iron Mountain, wireless, and charter, oh and sometimes dlink. Happy house fixing!

  3. Congrats new homeowners! We are still painting rooms in our house 3 months after the move. I've yet to get to our lovely green and purple sponge painted bathroom completed. I'm sure most people are a little quicker than us. :)

    Love the line - "this is my life. and this is my blog." Made me chuckle b/c I can completely relate.

    Can't wait to see pics! Happy house updates for you both!

  4. anita16:06

    My son and his new wife are in the fix-up-the-house stage, they also have no internet, TV, etc. They have lots of love and their own home.
    LOVE and HOME- 2 wonderful four letter words!
    Have fun and don't get stressed.

  5. hoooHAHAHAH.. we stole internet for the last 3 months [how can it be stealing if people don't assign a password??!?!] and as of oct 2 we have our own LOCKED signal. would love to be generous to the neighbors, but we do online banking, so that's the end of that.



    tomorrow's a new day. hallelujah.

    hugs from Steph

  6. I need to see pictures...really I do...lots and lots of pictures.....

  7. Anonymous13:14

    I'm so happy for you and your new home. I just moved too...and I have so many pictures to share too...we'll have to share with each other so as not to make everyone else make us stop!!

  8. Congrats on the new house!! Stealing internet seems to be pretty popular, I live close to a college campus and at just the right angle I can snag some free online time :)

  9. Return to blog world! It's lonely without you!

  10. COngrats on your first home Melinda and Matthew. I am looking forward to seeing photos!

  11. Congratulations! I can not wait to see what you are doing with the place. :)

    You can always compose the writing portion of your post in Word and copy and paste it quickly when you are online. Blogger used to even have a Word ap on their site...

  12. Anonymous15:52



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