a little secret...

here's a little secret... i have something in common with Emeril Lagasse, Sarah Ferguson, Tito Jackson, Penny Marshall, and P. G. Woodhouse. i know, it's hard to imagine, right?

but we all share one very important thing in common... the date of our birth. and. that. day. is. today. October 15th.

i love birthdays. my birthday, other peoples birthdays, famous peoples birthdays. birthday presents, birthday decorations, birthday parties. birthday ice cream, birthday margaritas, birthday wine. birthday tiaras, birthday hugs, birthday balloons. birthday dinner, birthday

my 8th birthday i can remember especially well. we had just made the move from battle creek, michigan to broomfield, colorado. my mom, dad, baby brother jesse, and myself were living with my grandma and grandpa and my cousins kevin and april. i loved living with my cousins, i always had someone to play with, and it wasn't just my dumb baby brother... but that is a whole other day...

i woke up that day with en extra skip in my step. because i was turning 8 years old. this wasn't kid stuff. i was 8. in 2nd grade. i was practically an adult. i walked up the stairs into my grandma's living room, where my mom had a bagel waiting for me. she had them laid perfectly on the plate so that made an 8, and completed it with glowing birthday candles.

i only wanted one thing that year... a magic nursery baby. (link coming later, i can't link from work, it blocks me)

and i had one present waiting for me on the table. and imagine my excitement when i opened it to find a magic nursery baby!

mom made treats for me to take into school that day. chocolate cupcakes, with blue frosting and sprinkles. i was the talk of the second grade. i liked being the talk of the second grade. i got to wear the birthday hat, and i got to be the special helper in every activity that day is class. princess perfection.

and when i ran out of school to find my mom so we could walk home, i found her waiting for me with my new magic nursery baby. i cuddled that baby, and held my mom's hand all the way home. i remember thinking it was the best birthday ever.

my dad and brother are void from that memory... i wonder why. hmm... it doesn't mean i don't love them. just means i didn't need them that day, to make my birthday perfection.

and on this day... it may be pretty close to a perfect birthday once again. i got the gift of a lifetime... my very own home.

and while we still don't have internet, living room furniture, or the basement walls drywalled, it is mine.

i have a husband who loves me, and will do whatever he can to give me, not only what i need, but also what i want. i have a husband who loves me despite the size of my ass.

i may now be closer to 30 than i am to 20, and my thighs may be rubbing together when i walk. but i am loved and desired. i may not have money to make myself a fancy dinner, or get diamonds as a gift, but i have a home, that in only 360 months will belong to me. i have a family who loves me, and has helped me work on my house for the last 2 weeks. i have a job, and friends, and a pink kitchen aid mixer... and i couldn't possibly ask for any more blessings in my life.

and i think year 26 will be pretty darn good... starting today!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! October is the best month for birthdays. :) Congratulations on your new home. Have a splendid day, week, month, year!


  2. Happy Birthday!
    Jesse and I have a pretty amazing present for you...I think you will enjoy it. :)

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Melinda Sue! Birthdays are the best! I love the magic nursery baby story. What a neat memory.
    Enjoy this memorable bday and all the blessings in your life. You are so sweet!

  5. As Frosty the Snowman once said, "Hap..Hap....Happy Birthday!" I love you, Sissy!

  6. You have the best attitude.

    I loved reading about your birthday memory. I hope my kids have happy memories like that of me when they're grown.

    Have a beautiful lovely blessed birthday!


  7. we're the same age again!

  8. thank you for all the birthday wishes! you all are the best!

  9. Happy Birthday! A day late... Hope it was a good one.

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!

    You also have a mother in law who loves you but has totally lost her marbles.

    I hope your day was wonderful!!!

    Love you!


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