sweat pants, and hoodies, and long sleeved shirts; oh my...

autumn is rarely a full season round these parts. we normally go straight from summer and 100 degree hea,t to a foot of snow and the kind of cold that brittles the bones.

with a high of 64 degrees tomorrow my mind has started to drift to thoughts of sweats. i love sweats. i can't wait for the day when i find a job i can wear sweats to every day.

the best part. sweats always fit... no buttons or zippers or seams to squeeze into. i would wear sweats every moment of every day if i could... and i would love it.

and nothing says sweats more than a cool fall day. a hazy, lazy, cloudy, cool, autumn day. and tomorrow will be just that. i will consider calling in sick to work, and putting on my sweats, cuddling under a blanket with the time travelers wife and napping comfortably in the warmth of sweats and home.

but then i will remember that we are trying to buy a house, and i need to work to make some sweet moolah. and i will drag myself out of bed, put on work clothes, and drive to work.

and all i day i will be thinking about these:

from victoria's secret pink

and these:

from the packer pro shop

and this:

Product Image
from mden.com

and these:



and this:


and i will be so grateful for the autumn season and cool weather and sweat pants and warm cozy beds. even if i am sitting in a climate controlled office with no windows and dress pants crawling into ungodly places.

and when i get home, i will put on my favorite sweats and feel like everything is just right.


  1. gina05:33

    The more I read your blog - the more I love it...and this is why!

    Great posting!

  2. gina, thank you so much. your encouragement means the world.

  3. Anonymous07:51

    The Time Traveler's wife...be still my heart!!

  4. I feel your pain! I'm in Georgia and we only have two seasons: late Spring and Summer. I do miss sweats and chunky sweaters. Basically anything to cover up the "bumps and rolls"!

  5. Anonymous11:12

    those packer sweats are awesome. i love the cut of the legs.


    11.12 am.

    still in jammies/house clothes.

    yes, house clothes.

    my mom wore a house coat.

    i wear house clothes.


  6. steph,

    i got your pakage last night! thank you thank you thank you! it made my day. and yes, notebooks and pens make my life complete. i think we may actually be the same person.

  7. Heather W.14:09

    Amen Sista, comfy clothes are where it's at. Panty Hose should be illegal, after Labor Day our office dress policy goes back to the hose and no open shoes. :(
    Do you at least have a long holiday weekend to look forward to?

  8. heather w, i couldn't work at a place where i had to wear panty hose. yowza...

    3 DAY WEEKEND! woo hoo!

  9. Anonymous09:53

    do they still MAKE panty hose?

    Tights I wear all winter. love 'em. but.. PANTY HOSE??

  10. Heather W.14:20

    um. yeah. about the pantyhose thing. we only have to wear them or tights when we wear skirts, you know because bare legs are so offensive...(jk - our dress code is so outdated and must have been written by some uptight, suit wearing males) anyhoo, most of the girls end up just wearing pants to work. i however love wearing skirts and yes i do opt for the tights when the weather calls for it, but it doesn't get cool enough here until October/November....guess i'll just wear pants until then.

    thanks for letting me elaborate, i feel so much better now. i really didn't want anyone here to think i was down with the whole panyhose thing.

    happy weekend everyone!

  11. phwew, heather! :) if we're ever in the same room, i'll know you by the bare legs. ;)

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