i love reading and writing, i love camping and shopping, i love my family and my husband.

and i also love watching tv, i love moveis, i love celebrity news and gossip. i mean i really really love it. i do not know where it came from. my mom likes tv, in the form of hgtv and lifetime movies. my dad likes tv, in the form of anything sports and lifetime movies. shh don't tell anyone my dad watches lifetime movies, it will ruin his tough guy image.

but i really really really love tv, movies, celebrity gossip. LOVE. L.O.V.E. love lovey mcloverson.

and when fall comes and shows come back, i hear angels sing.

i have a thing for nbc. okay more than a thing, i am kind of partial. when i find a show on another network that i kind of like, i feel like i am cheating on nbc. like a traitor. i don't know what it is. i am nothing, if not loyal.

we have never had the movie channels, so we never got into those cable shows.

it's network tv for us.

and thursday night nbc is our favorite.

and tonight... it was back. BACK. and i was so excited for parks and recreation, the office, and the premier of community. we are still waiting for 30 rock, and i will wait patiently. but 3 out 4 of our favorite shows were back on tonight... and WOO HOO!!! the excitement of fall tv, i can not explain... because, yes. i am that big of a loser.

and tonight did not disappoint. and now my life makes sense again. i know my tv schedule again. i don't have to watch sports every night anymore!

some of our other favorite shows to watch:

the biggest loser

law and order svu

looking forward to - parenthood

conan - wish i could stay awake this late

and i think i am going to try flashforward and maybe cougar town - but don't tell nbc, it will hurt their feelings.

anthony bourdain

man v food

the soup

reruns of - americas funniest home videos

reruns of - reba

and a bunch of other trashy tv shows, i won't own up to in blog world for everyone, my mother, my pastor, my boss, and my future children to possibly find someday.

what tv are you into? anything you are really looking forward to this fall?


  1. Anonymous06:51

    We could so be best TV buddies!! I was so excited that all was new last night on NBC! Can't wait for the rest!!

  2. I adore Food Network, The Office, and This Old House. I also get a kick out of Dancing With the Stars. We haven't had t.v. for a few months, but this Saturday is install day. Woo hoo! Perfect timing for the fall season.

    Happy Friday Melinda Sue! :)

  3. I missed my shows.
    I am glad it is September. The Amazing Race starts on my birthday. Isn't that nice of them?

  4. donna, what a nice birthday gift for you!

  5. i can't wait to get home and curl up on the couch with a blanket and the DVR remote!

  6. I am glad I am not the only self professed TV junkie!! My station of addiction is ABC...yep, Grey's Anatomy, Lost..the whole thing. Have fun this season!!

  7. 30 Rock is # 1 for me, and it cracks me up that all shows on TV could be cancelled except Funniest Videos & Football and Matthew would be fine

  8. patrick,

    i think matthew knows what channel americas funniest home videos is on in every time slot. it is continuously on in our house.

  9. Anonymous22:36

    30 Rock.

    except, we don't get NBC. AT ALL. our antenna and the bluffs of baraboo/devil's lake don't go together. AT ALL. so it will be friday morning, if i can get enough signal mooched from the neighbors.

    30 Rock.
    and GMA while I'm getting kids off to school. I was always a Today Show girl - NBC - but still miss Matt and Katie together, so i've made the switch. I LOVE Robin Roberts and Chris Cuomo. So I'm hooked on ABC. for now.

    going to bed. happy Weekend!


  10. I saw the office last night on Hulu!! Loved it!! Wish I was in that office... :)

  11. Well, your uncle David and I (and Zach) watch HGTV, we love house hunters, my first place and of course, house hunters international. Also, life would not be "normal" without the Food networks DDD with Guy, and Iron chef. If we aren't watching these we are watching college football or baseball.... or movies that Uncle David has bought from the pawn shop....

  12. thats my dirty little secret! i love love tv. fall is my favourite month, the weather, the new shows, the old shows ..... bring it on!

  13. Anna10:11

    i luvvv ur blog sue. read most of it and u seem one of the honest and most deserving ppl eva. if u eva wanna talk bout somethin email me at

    give me a shout! xxx


    p.s. if u could trust me (no worries if ya cant) could i hav ur email cause i wud luv to chat wv ya at some point


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