almost there, half a brain, silver bell...

we are getting so close to closing on our home that i can taste it. 2 weeks from tomorrow. knock on wood.

i am still waiting for something to go wrong, hoping and praying and dreaming that it doesn't. but i am slowly allowing myself in, decorating every room, and dreaming of sitting with my husband in our own home every night.

and, lord willing, in 2 weeks we will be doing just that.

a couple of weeks ago i came home to find a gloriously large manila envelope with my name on the front. from baraboo, wisconsin? i didn't order anything... but you know that feeling real mail gives you? yah that one, that warm glow in the depth of your heart, the anticipation, the feeling of being loved.

darling, dear, angel voiced steph sent me a care package. now, i have never met steph. i have only heard her voice here. still, i feel as though we are kindred spirits. she may be my soul mate, my lost twin, the other half of my brain.

and she knew just how to get me. she sent me a new notebook. i love notebooks and pens and markers and school supplies of all sorts. i really wish i didn't lose my camera battery charger so i could take a picture of the lovely brown graphic flower print notebook she sent me. it was me to a T. with a little note that says she saw it and just had to pick one up for me and hoped it would make day because new notebooks and pens sure maker hers! soul mate i tell ya!

and the real purpose of the package:
Half Assed
by Jennette Fulda

and i have been really busy reading complete fluff and children's books, but tomorrow i am starting this totally educational, philosophical, and mind challenging memoir, hoping it will change my life.

i don't know if you can call a memoir educational philosophical or challenging, but it is one of my favorite genres of books, and i can not wait to read this one! plus, if the other half of my brain enjoyed it... certainly i will, right?

thank you steph, for passing on the book, and the notebook, and the heart warming package in the mail. you are the beast, i mean the best.

coca-cola is my one true love.

there is nothing i love more than an ice cold coke.

after a bad day, i want a coke.

and don't even think about taking the first drink out of my can or bottle. the first drink is the best. indescribable. there is nothing like it.

and my favorite way to drink a coke....

a can, in the freezer. too long. but not too too long. so that the coke has turned into a sort of coke slushy, thin enough to sip out the can opening, but frozen enough that little slivers of frozen coke goodness fill your mouth.

my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

i want one. now... "oh, matthew..." darn. where is that little silver bell i can ring when i need something? i need a maid... would anyone like to donate me one? no... okay then, i need to get of this fat butt and get myself a slightly frozen coke.


  1. The number one flavor of slushie is a coke slushie.

    Enjoy the book. I followed the author's blog for years.

  2. donna, i always get one at the movie theater... delicious.

  3. Happy two week count down to being a home owner. That definitely deserves a frozen coke! :)

  4. Anonymous11:05

    Oh my GOODNESS I got a SHOUT OUT! I guess that means I should update my blog!!! :)

    Melinda Sue, I think you're the bees knees. And I LOVE a memoir. I'm sure it counts for something. I've been reading her blog for years, too, and she's appropriately self-deprecating and funny. I think you'll like it. No major epiphanies, but something about seeing a normal girl succeed without going over the edge and becoming an anorexic girl has been good for me.

    My matching notebook to the one I sent you is my songwriting notebook. Husband knows NOT to remove it from the piano. I got home from a 5-day work trip and IT. WAS. GONE. 'Clutter', he said. 'Hogwash!' i replied, and went and got it and returned it to its rightful place on the piano. Praying it inspires me. And you. To better things.

    I can't wait to hear about your house. REALLY excited for you!

    And for me, it's a Diet Coke. I can't even drink the real thing anymore. Too 'syrupy' for me. Gimme my aspartame.

    Love you.

  5. Oh, I love, LOVE a good frozen Coke!! And I do that thing in the freezer, too!! Oh, and if you leave it in there too long, you can cut the top off of the can, dump the slush into another cup, and eat it with a spoon 'cause I'm sure you know that a once-frozen Coke is no good after it thaws ;-)


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