one is silver and the other gold...

matthew and i have few friends.

we had friends in college. we spent everyday with our friends. we did everything together. we loved them. it is how we fell in love really, we were just two of the friends who spent all our time together, and eventually realized we were such good friends because we loved each other so much.

we are monica and chandler. a lot like monica and chandler actually. only i am like monica when she is still fat, and matthew doesn't have 3 nipples.

but as you grow up life gets busy and before you know it 2 months has gone by and you haven't seen or heard from your friends. and then 4 more months have passed in the blink of an eye, and it feels like it has been too long to just call. and then you get comfortable. and then you stay where you are.

and you think of your days past, days of friends and of life that was so like that in the tv show, and you remember them like they were the good ol' days. and you miss them. you miss the days past, and you miss your thinner thighs, and you miss your friends.

and then one day out of the blue holly sends us a fecebook message and invites us over to their new house. holly married my cousin stephen. my brother in law was roommates with stephen, and my matthew was roommates with stephens younger brother matthew. and we were all friends, and we miss them mostly everyday. so of course my answer was "heck yes we'll come over, you just tell me the time sucka..." or something along those lines.

and we went. and we had a lot of fun. and we realized that time didn't seperate us all that much, and we fell right back into a friendship with them. and then we saw them the next two weekends... and we had fun again and again, and it felt kind of like the old days, but better.

holly and i were never really friends before. we weren't enemies, but we weren't really friends. she was friends with patrick (who is now my brother in law) and i remember him saying to me, "i don't know why you guys aren't friends, you are kind of the same." and i would just shrug it off.

2 years ago i wouldn't have called holly my friend, but today i think i can. and patrick was right, we are a lot alike. we sat at their kitchen table and played games, and sipped wine, and talked, and laughed, and shared. we talked about life, and family, and hopes and dreams, and we saw pieces of each other we never saw before. and i liked what i saw. i saw a woman who had grown and matured. i saw a strong, brave, confident woman. someone who isn't afraid to speak her mind. i saw a girl who shared my love for reading, and writing, and books, and globes. who watches as many, if not more, trashy television as i do. a girl who likes to shop, and loves a bargain, a woman after my own heart. i saw a person who loved my cousin and would do anything for him, who cares more about people and life than she lets on. i saw a girl who i had misunderstood before, and missed out on years of friendship with. and you know what? it is like we share a mind. she will write a blog post that i was thinking about writing, or vice versa. we think the same answers to questions, and we laugh at the same things. i feel like i cheated myself out of a friend before, and i am so glad they asked us over that night. i am so glad i found a new friend in an old acquaintance, and i am so glad we found new friendship in our old friends.

and maybe, the time we spent apart from them somehow made this sweeter. perhaps, the time we spent growing old, and married, and boring is just what our friendship needed to come full circle back to each other. i don't know. i do know i am very grateful for stephen and holly, and the family they are, and the friends they have become again, and the friends they will continue to be. and i also know we miss patrick every time we are together. our good ol' days can't be the same now with patrick living so far away. so patrick, come home and see us sometime soon, will you? we miss you here in omaha.
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  1. love your post. of course i do: i'm egotistical. seriously, our minds are so similar it's scary. we always think of the same answers in games and our blogs are strikingly similar, whether or not we ever post them.

    if you and matt want to come over again this weekend, let us know. you're welcome over anytime. we have more and more fun every weekend. i also don't know why we weren't friends much sooner. Patrick knows everything. of course we make great friends!

  2. This makes me so happy...I am smiling like a goon.

    Have fun together!!!

    Yes. Patrick does know everything.

    Except where to live!

  3. I'm with you, Donna - I'm smiling, too.

  4. I am popular in blog land

  5. patrick. at least you are popular somewhere.

  6. melinda: too funny.


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