witches, and wizards, and imaginations, oh my...

5 years ago i was in timisoara romania. in our first couple weeks there, the third harry potter movie was playing at the theater in the center. it cost a dollar to go to the movies in romania. a dollar. we went nearly every week. i was broke as a joke, but it was easy to save a dollar from my grocery expenses a week so i could go to the movies. none of us had read any of the books, but becky and rachel loved the movies. brad was more skeptical. when my team asked me if i wanted to go to see harry potter, my answer was sure. "no. i have no desire to see that movie." pleading, prodding, explanation of the plot cam hurling at me. "guys, i don't like those kinds of stories, i don't want to go. i will stay home." i think i took a shower, read, and cried in peace. it was one of the 3 times i was alone in the whole 6 months. and i felt good about it. who would want to watch that stupid movie anyway. pfftt...

several weeks later brad casually brings up in conversation that he has read 3 of the harry potter books already. he was dying for us to read them too so he could talk to someone about them. becky read book 1 first. "melinda, it is really good. i mean really really good." i think it took her like 2 days to read it. i reluctantly began reading book 1. and i was addicted by the end of the first chapter. in 3 weeks becky and i had read books 1-5. our world was changed. the rest of our trip the 4 of us compared life to harry potter, and talked about the wizarding world like we were a part of it. and, yes, we are that big of losers. thank you for asking.

i was that girl. you know, that girl who refused to read harry potter. who would bother reading books that teach kids about witchcraft, and why are grown adults reading these dumb books like their life depends on it. i was that girl who refused to read harry potter for no good reason but her own stubbornness. and oh, the joy i was missing. now i am that girl. that grown adult who secretly wishes the was a child so she could go to the movie or to the book release dressed in full wizard garb and not risk being put into a mental institution.

the world that woman created is pure stroke of genius. pure multi millionaire genius. i wonder if she could hear the clanking of cash registers while she was writing these books, or if she just started writing from her heart and was shocked herself at what came out of it.

i consider myself a dreamer, i think i have an active imagination, it is really what i do all day, dream, imagine. it is a wonder i can hold a full time job really. but the vast detail in this whole other world she created in her mind, is unimaginable to me. i have have even been known to think to myself... maybe this world is real. maybe she can write this in such detail, dream this incredible alternate world, because it is real. it would be the perfect cover up. i could even picture the wizarding world looking at our headlines about her imaginary world, and laughing. they had us all fools, it was the perfect cover up. it is too outrageous to be real. then i wake up, slap myself and look in the mirror... "melinda. get a grip."

needless to say, i love harry potter. i love everything about it. and tomorrow, i will delve into the world of harry potter on the big screen, and i am so excited. for 2 1/2 hours i will enter an alternate world, and be so completely involved in it, i will forget the worries of the life i am in. it will be the best day of my life, or at least of my week,

harry potter lover for life.


  1. i usually only read realistic fiction, but finally, years after the hype began, i have added HP (although I consider myself the true HP) to my reading list. i'll let you know what i think when i finish it.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! It was kinda like spotting a celebrity because I've seen you in pictures and you stopped by my very own blog. You are incredibly photogenic by the way.. very pretty.

    So I agree with everything you said about Harry Potter. I saw it last night! I usually do read kids books though... I love fantasy. I hope you enjoy the movie. I'm sure you will :)

  3. Harry. who?

    I am so out of it.

    Emma saw the movie on Wed. 12:01 am.

  4. Another Harry Potter fan!! That makes me so very happy. :)

    We saw the movie yesterday and liked it very much. It wasn't my favorite of the series, but had a lot of fun moments that made me laugh. :) What did you think of it?

  5. angie,

    i liked it very much! it has been so long since i read the book, that i couldn't really remember what happened. i must reread the book immediately.

    i think it was beautifully made, and better acted than the rest.

    we did not spend a lot of time with many of the characters, and the pictures didn't move (that really bothered me... more than anything else)

    i think it strayed from the book, and left a lot out(how couldn't it?). but when i walked out of the movie, i wanted to watch it again.

  6. I noticed the pictures too!


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