it's a mad mad mad mad world...

night we arrived home much later than we usually do. after harry potter (loved it, it was everything i hoped it would be, wish i could see it again right now), we sat with zach and rachel sipping wine and talking and laughing, until we were the last ones remaining in the restaurant. when the waitresses subtle hints of us leaving, became not so subtle anymore we decided we really couldn't stay any longer. it was a very good night. and i asked myself a thousand times why we don't see them more often. then i remembered they have 2 kids, and other friends. we have only them... and each other.

saturday i woke up just in time for the soup. i love the soup. it makes me laugh. i can't think of a better way to spend my saturday morning than watching the soup eating leftovers from one of my favorite restaurants, stokes, for breakfast. ahhhh, perfection.

ring ring... the phone rang, the caller id said county offices. hmm... weird. "hello?"

"umm yes, this is officer so and so with the wahoo police department, is melinda or matthew bow-cher available?"

"this is melinda... (boo-shay, i think, boo-shay, i don't correct him)" my stomach dropped and a knot grew in my intestines. i quickly try to remember any counts where we may have broken the law in the past few weeks. who am i kidding, we rarely are outside of work or home... and my husband refuses to jaywalk. he does not like to break the rules. he is a rule follower.

"oh, hello ms bow-cher. mr so and so was arrested last night for dwi in your vehicle."

what? wait... what??? i glance out the front door... one car is there... wait, where is my car? oh yes, my focus is in the shop. again. how could someone have been driving my car?

"were you aware of this ma'am?"


"ma'am, did you give mr so and so permission to drive your car?"

uh... NO! "no, i definitely did not." pause. what the heck is going on here. "my car was at the shop being repaired."

"ahh, i see." mr wahoo police officer seemed suddenly enlightened. "well, than we are going to charge mr so and so with a felony count of 'blah blah blah' (i don't know what he said, but i got the gist, he was in trouble for stealing my car.) i am going to need to send an officer out to your house with some paperwork for you to sign."

my mind was reeling... how could this man have stolen my car, i assumed some idiot mechanic decided to take it for a joyride after had had a few too many... i was furious. i hope these people know i am not paying them for the repairs to my car. i gave the officer directions to my home. he said someone would be here in 15 minutes. i ran upstairs to put on a bra and brush my teeth. i prefer to sit, dirty, and in pajamas until at least noon on saturdays. now my day was ruined.

the officer arrived, and i signed the police report, and a permission to search form. turns out they were looking for keys to several other stolen vehicles. mr so and so car robber has been a busy man... a very drunk busy man.

the officer said "i don't think it was in an accident or anything... the sheriffs office had it towed to mead. the driver is in jail. he will be staying there quite awhile, now that we are adding felony charges to his current dwi charge."

"uh, yah... i hope so."

turns out the idiot car shop had finished my car and forgot to call me to tell me it was finished. they left the keys in the ignition for me to come pick up. only, they never told me i could come pick it up. and even if they had, i wouldn't have given them permission to leave my car keys dangling in the ignition while they went home for the weekend. mr drunk man, saw my car, keys dangling, and took it for his own. if he hadn't been stopped for drunk riving, he could have been across the country by now, or in the platte river.

the lady that owns the shop is embarrased, and i think she should be. the police will release the vehicle back to her when they are done with it, and she will return it to me, with her tail between her legs, and hopefully a clean bill of sale. i don't think she can dream of charging me for the rpair. my parents take all their cars to this shop, but i doubt we will be taking our vehicles back there.

my ford focus has over 100,000 miles on it, and we still have nearly 3 years of payments to make. on one hand, matthew and i secretly wish the man would have taken off never to be found again, or totaled that little focus... because we doubt it will last the 3 years we have left to pay it off. but what a hassle that would have been... and that little focus has taken me everywhere...

i have not heard anything else from the police department, the sheriffs office (who picked the man up) or the car shop... but apparently my car is fine... i don't really know. i guess we will find out what condition my car is really in monday or tuesday when the police release it. i don't think it was in an accident, i don't think it was totaled, i don't think anything will be missing from the trunk. i assume it will reek of cigarettes and booze, and perhaps some other grassy like smoking products. i assume it will be covered in police markings from the search, and i assume that it will actually run properly...

i assume that the shop will take extra care in making sure everything is running perfectly in that little red focus. i think it is the least they can do.

Car Theft

"car theft" by gabe martin


  1. sounds like you need a new mechanic. we have a great one. what a wild story.

  2. oh my goodness....what an exciting weekend you little red car had....

    I'm so troubles are such a drag!!!

    Hope it is not too smelly ;o(

  3. That is something else, I was thinking the same thing- too bad the guy didn't crash it so you could get a settlement

  4. Wow!

    Now, whenever you think of that movie, you will also think of wine, friends, and felonious drunks.


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