how the lottery would change my life...

tonight matthew and i spent quality time together switching between "lottery changed my life" and "16 and pregnant" don't ask why we watch that crap. i do not have an answer for you. we are 2 classy fools, that is all there is to it.

how would the lottery change my life? in no particular order:

i would quit my job. okay, that is in order. i would do that first.

right after we hired a lawyer. the creepers are bound to come out when millions of dollars rain down from the sky on you, a lawyer is a must.

we would pay off our debt. we went to the most expensive univeristy in america, and that choice will affect our lives forever. it is hard to say it was a mistake, when that is how we met, but getting rid of that debt would undoubtedly change our lives.

i would buy my grandpa a cadillac. he has always wanted one. no one is more deserving. and writing about my grandpa makes me a little weepy, and really makes me want to kiss his bald head, and tell him i love him. so grandpa, i love you.

i would buy myself a cadillac. i will take an escalade please. or i would like a suburban. i have always loved suburbans.

matthew says he doesn't want a new car.

we would build a house. a house we could live in for the rest of our lives, raise our family in, grow old in.

we would leave car keys as a tip for a waitress.

we would sneak hundred dollar bills to peoples hands on the street.

we would pay the support of a missionary for a whole year.

we would invest money.

i would go to romania again. i would take becky and rachel and brad with me. i would hold those babies, and kiss their heads and breathe in the cabbage b.o. and sewage smelling air. i would stay as long as i could. then i would fly our husbands out and retrace our steps with them. how thrilling to have them experience what we did. what changed our lives.

i would write. i would raise a family. i would keep a house, cook and clean and bake and drive kids around. i would take pictures, i would blog, i would live. life would be the same.

matthew would go to work. he would go to work everyday. life would be the same.

i would have a couple more diamonds, and designer name sweats instead of clearance rack old navy ones. paying bills wouldn't give me a headache, at least not a big one, and we would have a little more room to breathe. but we would be the same. money doesn't change who you are. money doesn't make you happy. money would not change us, money would not make us happy. all our demons would still be there, all our ghosts still hiding in the closet, our problems wouldn't just disappear.

people think money would make their life better, people try so hard their whole lives to get money, and get bigger and better, and climb to the top. and when they get there, life is the same. they feel the same. it didn't make them happy like they thought it would. then what?

life would be the same for us. the same, with a little more room to breathe.

how would the lottery change you?


  1. Books. I would buy more books, and more shelves to put them on. And I would add a room on the house that had NO BOOKS in it for Mr. MG so he could feel free of book clutter once in a while.

    I would take our kids on field trips abroad to the places we study. And we would travel to see the little girl we sponsor through IN Network.

    I'd make sure all our parents had room to move in when they got too old to care for themselves.

    And I'd hire a personal trainer to yell at me on a regular basis.

    Oh - and more sushi. Lots of sushi. :)

  2. Anonymous06:39

    I love this post...I don't think money would change us either...just let us breathe easier. My Matt would still go to work every day too. I would shop exclusively at J.Crew. Even for socks. :)

  3. Anonymous10:35

    It is fun to daydream about what you would do if you won the lottery. My husband and I have enjoyed discussing it on several occasions! It seems though, the older I get the scarier the prospect of winning the lottery becomes. The responsibility would be so huge to be good stewards of the money, I almost think it would be a burden. Don't get me wrong, I would take the money if I won the lottery, but I don't think it's too likely, being that we don't buy tickets! :)
    Liz in NC

  4. Anonymous10:38

    p.s. I came her from Quiet Life, and have enjoyed reading your blog!
    Liz in NC

  5. M - my list is a whole lot like yours. We have dreamed about being able to pay off interVarsity Staff workers support for a year... making a lasting intervention in the foster care system somehow... buying mom and dad their retirement homes - not fancy, but safe, and nearby... getting dad the Cadillac he's always dreamed of... we'd probably keep this same house we just bought, but we'd pay it off, buy some land a little further north, and build a simple cabin... each kid would have a college/life fund... we'd go back to belarus and find that one grandma on the subway whose life was changed by the $20 we gave her - imagine how much more we could do....

    I love to dream this dream. Sixteen and pregnant, though? nah. ;)


    ps - did you guys go to Wheaton? I can never remember...

  6. steph, we went to grace university here in omaha, ne.

    liz, thanks for coming by! we don't buy tickets either, but we always dream like we do.

    mamageph, i would also hire a personal trainer... get this fat butt in shape. money may not buy you hapiness but it sure can buy you good looks.


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