toes and thumbs...

this is the thumb on my left hand. notice anything? besides seriously being in need of a manicure; my thumb on my left hand looks strangely similar to a toe.

laugh... gawk... shiver in fear. it's okay i am used to it.

i call it my toe thumb. there a few people i have met in life who also have toe thumbs. 's' being the operative letter there. i have never met another human with only one toe thumb. my aunt ruthie has two. she calls them eno thumbs, because her grandpa eno had thumbs like this. i am the only other one in our family who has these thumbs... i mean thumb.

i was born this way. no, i don't have a toe that looks like a thumb. it doesn't hurt, i wasn't in an accident, it isn't contagious... it is just different.

i was always self conscious of my thumb growing up. but when you are young anything that makes you different is potentially problematic. no one notices it at first. in fact my aunt asked me several years ago if i hurt it when i was in my car accident. seriously? you never noticed? i have had it my own life! but when they notice... you would be surprised by the reactions. if it were your own kids reacting, making faces, asking questions... you would be embarrassed.

i am not self conscious about it anymore. it is just how God made me. it is kind of funny to see people's reactions now. i just giggle and roll my eyes "yah, i have a toe thumb."

when i first knew matthew, he would just smile and laugh at my thumb with everyone else. there was a girl in our youth group who refused to hold my left hand. i think my cousin, and my now husband, found that a little humorous. when matthew and i first starting dating and we were holding hands, he would rub his thumb along the wide nail of my toe thumb and smile. when we were falling in love he would grab my hand and kiss my little stubby toe thumb. i loved that he did that. to me that said "i love you, just as you are." i wouldn't of had those moments if it weren't for my toe thumb.

in fact, i hope that i can pass on this toe thumb someday. when the fateful day comes, and the doctor hands me a screaming bundle of warmth of joy, i will grab those tiny little fingers and take a second glance at the thumbs, while kissing that sweet baby head.

c'est la vie. i just thought you all should know. i have a toe thumb.

i also seriously love starbucks iced soy chai. hence the starbucks cup.

the end.


  1. Hardly ever even remember your special thumb.

    I'm glad it is a source of delight now and not embarrassment.

    Your personality and gorgeous brown eyes outshine your thumb :o)

  2. thanks donna... you're the beast. ;)


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