i wasn't kidding...

ignore my reflection... i don't know how to take that out. look at those tiny little teeth and that enormous smile.

melt my heart. look at those cheeks.

they literally smile all the time.

there are silly faces abounding.

those glasses. they had me from hello.

"melinda, are my glasses cracked?"

oh my, look at that tongue... he was working so hard at crawling up the slide. he probably could have used my help, but who would have taken the pictures.

chubby little baby hands. you keep that sweet smelling head of yours away from me.

please don't cry, i promise i will push you. right after i get this shot.


  1. Hey! Your sunflare picture ROCKS!!!

    Love the green and pink!!!

  2. i loved the sunflare picture.

    saturday night the kids and i made a project for mom and dad. we bought a frame with a matte with slots for lots of pictures and we filled it with these pictures and i had the kids color all over the matte. it was wonderful and beautiful. and she cried.

    when the kids and i were looking at the pictures, the oldest says to me "melinda, that is not a very good picture." about my beloved sunflare picture. and then he asked if his glasses were cracked.

    my point was... i wanted to put the sunflare pictuer in it, but didn't know if they would appreciate that as much as i did. so i didn't.


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