i am the only...

i am the only 25 year old, married girl with a weekend babysitting job. of this much i am sure.

i have been babysitting since i was 11. really, i was in 5th grade.

i love kids. i always have, as long as i can remember. when i was 4 i remember being so excited when my parents friends would bring their babies over. i would just ooh and ahh over the little ones, hold them, and kiss their little heads. i would even offer to change diapers. i had changed more diapers by the time i was 6 than some adults i know have ever changed.

now i am 25, married, and have a mother that reminds daily she wants to be grandma before she is in a wheelchair. baby fever is starting to hit me, in fleeting moments. it's the baby smell. why do they smell so darn good? one tiny sniff of their bald little heads and my womb aches for just a moment.

i fight baby fever by teaching sunday school (oh lawd... they kind of make me never want to have kids) and by babysitting. i have babysat this family for over 4 years. when i started the oldest was just barely 2, and the the youngest was just fresh born. now the oldest is almost 6; the middle, who used to be the youngest, is 4, and the youngest is almost 2. i babysat number three for the first time when he was just 8 days old. who trusts a babysitter with an 8 day old baby? i didn't let go of him for 5 hours. he was too precious.

they are the sweetest, cutest most well behaved children in all the world. i am not kidding... why do you think i am 25, married, work full time, and babysit almost every saturday night... i can't quit them, they are to precious to me, i love them too much.

someday i might be the only married, mother of 3, with a weekend babysitting job. the thought of not seeing them every week makes me a little weepy. they are just too darn precious... don't believe me? you just wait and see...


  1. Anonymous11:17

    Hi Melinda!! So fun to see your photos. You've got an eye like your MIL. ;)

    I think you and I share many of the same sensibilities. I wonder if we'll ever be in the same area code for a cup of coffee... or a diet coke.. or something..

    I have 4 great kids - you can come hug 'em anytime!



  2. hi stephie!

    thanks for coming to visit me.

    until we are in the same area code we will just have to visit through blog comments ;)

  3. I'm right there with ya... I just celebrated my 26th birthday and my first anniversary and I've been going through baby fever for the bast 6 or 8 months. I babysit, too, and get kind of weird looks sometimes. But I love it, I get a little extra cash, and it fulfills my "baby fix."

  4. oh jennifer, you are like my soul mate...or my twin, or something...

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