He is real, He loves you. and He is pursuing you.

yesterday at lunch i was driving to the supermarket. the microwave at work was being occupied, and there was a whole line of food waiting to be zapped. so necessity said i must drive to the supermarket to buy some sushi. okay, necessity didn't say sushi, but let's just pretend it did.

i was driving down the road, trying to convince myself that my job isn't from the devil, when i heard a familiar voice on the radio. i instantly felt a little ashamed for thinking that my job was a punishment from God, and i turned the radio up to hear his calming voice. i grew up listening to james dobson. to me his voice is calming, his words are true, his knowledge, intellect, and faith is far greater than i could ever dream of. his voice is strong and sure, compassionate and real. i turned it up mid message, and i am not exactly sure what they were talking about but the following 11 words really struck me.

"He is real, He loves you, and He is pursuing you."


he went on to say that He can, and will forgive you of anything and everything. and nothing you can do will make Him love you any less. but i didn't hear much of it, i was still stuck on those 11 words. "He is real, He loves you, and He is pursuing you."

my father is a pastor. i grew up in the church. i asked Jesus into my life when i was 4 years old. and still, those words were touching me. i know He is real. I can accept that He loves me no matter what. but to hear that He is pursuing me, that is hard for me to grasp. He loves me so much, that he never stops searching for me. He loves me so much that He hunts me out. He wants to save me, He wants me to live for Him. He will pursue me every day. He will pursue me until He molds me into what He made me to be.

And he won't just pursue me, He doesn't jsut wnat me... He will pursue everyone. He will pursue you. Because He is real, He loves you, and He IS pursuing you. He wants to give His gift of life to everyone. He wants to lavish His gifts on everyone, and He will continue to pursue you until you realize He is REAL, He loves YOU, and He is pursuing YOU.



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