emma boucher has broken her arm...

oh emma... matthew shared you as a prayer request last night at youth group. 20 high school kids in ashland, nebraska are praying for your recovery, comfort, and peace emma!

when i was a little girl my dear cousins april and jennifer and i would try to break each others bones so we could have a cast. i am not sure if it was the fantasy of people waiting on you hand and foot, and getting to eat ice cream; or the realization that all the attention would be on you wherever you went. perhaps we just thought casts were the coolest. whatever the reason you could find us, pretty regularly, jumping on each others arms and legs and twisting and contorting them in all sorts fo strange fashions. we must have been the strangest little girls ever. i did manage to break a few bones in my lifetime, it never quite fulfilled the fantasy i had dreamed it up to be.

when i was 4 years old i broke my nose in swim class. i was showing off for my dad, who never could make it to watch me swim. my showing off, failed, miserably and not a single person was impressed. i was pushing off the wall, ready to whow off my smooth moves, and pulled myself in a little too far, a little to hard, a little to fast. my face crashed into the side of the pool. there was lots of blood and lots of screaming. unfortunately a broken nose does not call for a cast.

i broke that same nose in 4th grade. i loved practicing my bar routine for gymnastics on the highest monkey bar on the playground. i always had blisters and callouses covering my hands. one day when i was fipping over that high bar, all mny friends close by, i lost my grip and landed face first int he gravel below. another broke nose, and again no plaster cast.

in 7th grade i broke my tailbone... i still hold a little grudge against that mike wagner. i never understood why my best friend ashley had such a crush on a boy who would pull away a girls chair while playing a fast paced game of fruit basket upset. the strobe lights were on, the lights were out, i neer noticed the chair was not still standing up. worst pain i can remember. i did not cry, i did not scream, there were far too many other kids in that room. it hurt to laugh, it hurt to cough, it hurt to move any part of my body even a tiny bit. i did not know it was broken until i passed out a few times the next day. i had to sit on a donut for weeks, i was the laughing stock of the whole middle school. a cast would be potentially problematic, so again no cast here.

my sophmore year at college i broke my foot falling down the stairs. classy, i know. i was int he middle of my jimmy stewert movie marathon, and needed to turn the light off in case i fell asleep. of course the light switch was at the top of the stairs, and of ourse i was so anxious to get back to my movie that i was sort of skipping down the stairs, and of course i thought i reached the bottom of the stairwell about 3 stairs to early. i knew right away, i scremed and cried, and could not sleep all night. i woke up and dragged myself up 2 floors (scooting around on my butt like i was 2) i thought my childhood dream of a cast had finaly been fulfilled... the doctor had other plans. no cast, just a very tight tube of latex spandex and a big ol' ugly boot. along with multiple trips to the orthopedic surgeon. 2 days later i had to move back into the doorms ont he 3rd floor, the eleveator was broken.

i never got my cast. however, now at 23, and in the real world, i realize breaking a bone is not fun, fantasic, or anything to strive or dream for. when i have children of my own someday and i see them in the front yard, jummping on each others legs, or wrapping them around a tree, i hope that i can giggle, and gently persuade them that breaking bones is not as fun as it seems.


  1. You are hilarious and nutty!

    I never heard of TRYING to break bones. That's really desperate :o)

    I always wanted a cast for the attention...but didn't get one. I think Emma will have a cast on Monday morning.

    It is causing too much trouble to be fun!

    Your nose looks lovely for all it's been through :o)

  2. i was one strange little girl, still am really... except for the little part.

    i also always wanted braces, i was so jealous of my brother when he got his. i would still like braces in fact... matthew says "adults look ridiculous with braces, melinda. you are not getting braces."

  3. Oh Melinda! You just made me laugh so hard!!


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